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short and sweet trip - KL - Spore - Desaru - KL

by - November 20, 2018

i dont really know what to put as the title for this posting. things were happening too fast. lots of unplanned stuff like the concert and about me joining N1's plan in taking my parents for holiday. and about AH joining us during the holiday. in summary everything went well and i loved it. i love every moment that i spent with my parents, my nieces, my nephew and AH. i told AH i was going to spore for the concert, and originally i wanted to go to tioman for my last dive before the monsoon really starts. i knew it was risky. my closest friends were against the plan, so was mr. c and my parents.. and other divers as well. okay lah, in short every one! lol ๐Ÿคฃ
1 group photo before we leave the apartment in Spore.

Desaru Here I Come ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Part 1)

AH asked on the dates i was going to be in johor, and apparently he will be on leave. so if i were to be in tioman, i might get to see him for a while before i go back to KL, i think. and then when somehow i changed my mind and decided to join the rest to desaru, he said he will see me there, in desaru. i remembered the last time i was there, i felt like it was really2 far2 away! and i hated the journey. i didnt take his words seriously that he will be seeing me in desaru. although in my thoughts at that time, it would be nice if he comes. that will be an opportunity for us to know each other better. something like that. i just wanna do things that are different and perhaps know more new people/friends in my life.

all of us were in 1 mpv from spore to desaru. with light travelling, all 7 of us fit in 1 starex with a driver. hummm not bad ehh.. i kinda enjoy the ride. and before we reach desaru we stopped at a seafood restaurant at senibong and N1 order like super crazy.. she ordered almost all kinds of creatures .. hahaha

i was so full until i couldnt breathe... and to go on a diet is not smart when you are on holiday with N1 coz she will order lots of stuff.. yeah she is too generous like that on food. her idea is that she wants mama & ayah to have a taste of everything that she gets to taste. haa macam tu lah.. apa2 pun alhamdulillah semoga rezeki N1 melimpah ruah & berkat, ameen... aku ni menumpang jer.. kekekeke ๐Ÿ˜œ

we got a very nice couple suite coz i bunked in with my parents. it was a duplex at sands & sandals resort, maybe next time i will write a review about the resort. i slept almost the whole journey to desaru from singapore. tau tau je dah sampai kat security gate of the resort. we quickly got to our room or more of a duplex apartment as i have not perform my solat yet. we (my parents and i) got so excited looking at our room. dengan tenangnya i asked my mom... "mama kalau macam ni AH boleh je tido sini ekk" and her answer was "boleh je". ehhh terkejut jugak time tu.. biar betul mama aku ni, sporting nya.

my dad came into the room a few minutes later.. "wahh, besarnya bilik ni ain" he said. 
"Yah.. nanti kawan ain datang dia tido sini je boleh?" 
"hmmm boleh" 
"ruang tamu ni besar kan.. ain tido kat sofa, dia tido pakai sleeping bag kat bawah, boleh Yah?" 
"ishhh.. mana boleh" 
"eh tadi kata boleh?" sambil aku gelak2..
"tak boleh la dia tido bawah, kesian dia"
"aik... habis, ain mintak extra bed?"
and while he was walking upstairs to look for my mom, "ha boleh"

and aku tergelak sendiri... in my mind at that time, apa hal mama & ayah aku ni... kawan aku tu lelaki kut, selamba je dia bagi aku tido dengan AH kat ruang tamu ni ๐Ÿคฃ
my parents bed upstairs - macam honeymoon dah hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€
Desaru Here I Come - to be continued ...๐Ÿ˜œ

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