Monday, April 23, 2018

made of honour

it was a lazy sunday for me yesterday. it seems that all my plan (last minute anyway) went down the drain. there is no yoga for this sunday and next sunday so i decided to get out of bed later than usual. end up i got up really late. my mom had to show lah there were lempeng at her house. so i took my sambal ikan bilis and brought to my parents house. drop joey off to work at lrt setiawangsa. somehow, i felt so bored at my parents house so i released the 3 kittens! hahaha 😋😈 i am sure ginger, snowy and moana loved the freedom i gave them. 

then, i wanted to color my hair but my hairdresser was on leave, when i queried at klcc, it was gonna cost me rm600! no way i was gonna spend my hard earned money just for my hair!! then i wanted to do my facial, my beautician was also on off day... dayummm... the only lucky thing i got was to get the makcik urut to come over to the house for 2.5 hours of full body massage! yeehaa!! 💃 and after the body massage i decided to buy a movie from hypptv. perrggh punya la panjang intro posting ni kan? eppp.. bagi la chance.. time2 ada mood nak bercerita ni. 

at first i thought this story was gonna be boring. but after a while i kinda like it. ye lah.. i ni kan hopeless romantic fool, someone used to tell me. hahaha 😃 but it is okay - coz that is the truth. i don't know how to share with you about this movie but what i can say is i enjoyed watching this movie and makes me wonder, or sort of miss being with a mat salleh. does this means that i can't have a relationship with an asian anymore? hmmmm...  for now, it doesn't matter as long as he is a muslim and practices. 😚

Friday, April 20, 2018

The Struggle is Real - Part II

in details, continuation from my previous posting - oh wait before that, in general, every one's body works differently. your you lose or gain weight is different. in theory what can be the same is how age effects the losing and increasing of weight. 

so, i find myself really struggling especially when i am a rice person. i take in a lot in carbs and to explain myself its because i teach.. i need that for energy. tapi i tend to forget that whatever it is, if my body needs 1200 cal, that doesnt mean i need to achieve that 1200 cal coz if i want to lose weight, i should be eating less.. right? makes sense? somehow, my brain didn't work that way then. hmmm ok senang cerita why don't i share this article.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Struggle is Real

for some people memang tak kisah if anyone were to comment about their weight. it is either diorang betul2 tak kisah atau diorang pun dah tak larat nak manage their own weight. apa2 pun, aku kisah!! ye, aku kisah! kenapa aku kisah? sebab memang aku kisah lah. and yes memang aku sensitif pasal weight aku. so hari ni aku pun cari gambar2 lama time weight aku below 60kg (ye la kang tak leh gi fesyen show pulak kann kannn )

lain orang lain struggle dia and pada aku, my struggle is managing my weight. tahun lepas struggle aku lain - which was to choose between my studio and my apartment. so i leave it to Allah. yang mana Allah izinkan, yang itu aku follow. memang betul la apa2 pun bila leave it to Allah, ringan sikit beban kat bahu tu. last year punya cerita memang aku sayang studio aku, tapi bila dah berbulan aku struggle nak bayar, orang lain tak leh tolong pun. aku yang kena tolong settle sendiri. puas jugak aku korek sini kambus sini korek sana kambus sana. tanpa membebankan sesiapa. so bila Allah bagi jalan, akhirnya aku chose to release my studio. alhamdulilah syukur sangat2 sekarang aku dah boleh bernafas. lega tang poket and lega tang badan and otak jugak. tahun ni syukur alhamdulillah jugak, Allah murahkan rezeki aku kat corporate clients. sebab tu kalau kat gym, member2 zin aku membantu.

my weight start naik mendadak sejak aku keluar hospital tahun lepas. tak tau nak kata logic ke tidak but that is the reality. lepas tu, campur dengan faktor umur yang memang akan mengslowkan proses reducing weight lagi lah aku frust kan. so itu la ceritanya, tak berapa nampak ketara tapi pada hakikatnya weight aku sekarang dah exceed yang sepatutnya. memang la aku angin kalau orang komen. korang ingat aku suka? 

at 56kg i think in 2016
at 64kg i think in 2017
beza aku dengan orang2 lain, bila weight bertambah jangan la stop weight training or weight lifting session. sebab dengan cara ni je aku dapat maintain bentuk badan yang aku nak. and i won't look flabby at areas you know where. tetapi disebabkan weight aku sekarang memang la akan nampak bulky.

why do i call it a struggle pasal ni and to elaborate more... check out my blog esok 😋 for the next post.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Rampage - My Review

i wanted to watch the movie because of Dwayne. without even asking if joey was free, i just booked 2 tickets for the movie. and told him after i have bought the tickets. and on the way to the cinema, he asked me, "why do you wanna watch the movie ma?" my answer was simple "Dwayne" 😁 and before the movie started joey siap brief i lagi...telling me that the movie tak logic as in jalan cerita tak logic. i told him, it doesnt matter coz i just wanna watch and enjoy the movie je. 

but kejap, side track kejap.. as joey and i walked after i parked my car... i saw his car!! berderau jugak la darah kejap, kut2 terbertembung dia tengah dating ke... just that at that point of time, i was confused with my own feelings at that point of time... do i want to see him with another girl - or do i not want to see him with another girl? but on another note, if i see him with a girl, maybe lagi senang kut to brush off my feelings for him. menaruh harapan tak de dah pun sekarang. isshh tak mau cakap lah.
i enjoyed every minute of the movie tapi i have to admit, my mind was not 100% focused on the movie. i was still thinking of M2J. what if he is in the same hall with us? oh no... 

it was funny watching davis and george communicate. and its amazing that when a gorilla can understand sign language. how george helped to kill the 2 beasts. suspen jugak lah time they fight dalam airplane. kesian george tu terhempas dengan the airplane. but because of the infection he healed faster. 

and at the end of the movie, i screamed when george tercucuk dengan besi on his chest.. i was so afraid that he would die. and i cried masa last2 tu when he closed his eyes.. and davis cried too... i think i dont mind watching it again. 

the movie was good, i enjoyed every second... cuma dalam airplane tu la time george dok campak2 semua orang they looked like dummy lah. hheheehe and when the creatures monsters attacked chicago memang la macam tak logic but nama je movie kan.? layan je lah.. go and watch.. memang best!

tambah sikit.... Dwayne memang hotzz!! #allergictomamatsado

Thursday, April 12, 2018


we often hear that our heart belongs to us hence we shall decide whatever, for the best of our heart - to take care of the only heart that was once, or maybe twice, or maybe more, broken. honestly i don't know where is this posting heading. as i am typing this, i can feel this pricking pain on my left chest. nor do i know if this is related to my posting today. anyway, i am listening to 'the best of sade' while typing this for you. i have been delaying my posting. and my usual excuse would be i have too many different things to share but it is all jumbled up?

M2J: i miss him dearly but i keep on telling my heart that he is not for me? i should have looked at myself in the mirror and tell myself, 'who am i kidding?' but perhaps slowly i am beginning to accept my fate. though currently, i just don't feel the same towards others like the way that i feel for him - just yet. maybe Allah swt has not open up other doors for me? so, i shall leave it all up to Him.. 

JoeLis: this really long and quiet 2 weeks without my joelis. lisa was back in madison just a day after the wedding ceremony ended. and joey is with his dad for a 2 weeks holiday in japan. "ma, 10 days only" and i said, "well thats 2 weeks! 😋" so it is just me and mischa at home. when lisa is back at her uni, she starts to be busy with her classes and work and perhaps some other things. looking forward for joey's return this weekend.

NaffDee Wedding Party: owh this is really a throwback. N4 had a wedding party which was actually for Zaidee's office friends and of course N4's close friends. I get myself invited coz i was going to be alone at home anyway. N4 looks simply lawa that night and sempoi with her hubs. 

and that night i was lucky that RE was free secara paksa rela.. hahha to accompany me. thank you so much RE. i think we have been friends for a few years now and although we don't see each other often, ada je yang we can talk about. and with his work background similar as mine, we clicked. tak payah cakap pasal personal background lah.. sort of lebih kurang kut. anyway, it is really good to see you again RE. 

Friday, April 6, 2018


hari ni memang hari yang sangat membosankan. aku rasa macam setiap benda yang aku buat half way. sampaikan aku tak tau nak buat apa dah. mungkin sebab aku tak cukup tidur. balik nanti aku nak nap sekejap sebelum PT session aku pukul 8pm. and biasanya Trainer aku awal. memang dia tak kasi chan langsung. tak rasa ada yang produktif yang aku buat hari ni. owh except that pagi tadi pukul 450am kakak aku call sebab dia dah lembik sebab muntah2. so dalam pukul 5 lebih pagi aku pun pergi rumah dia. aku siap mandi semua and mula2 aku ingat nak ambik cuti tapi bila kakak aku dah kena admit, tak perlu aku stay kat hospital lagi. so aku pun pergi la kerja dengan jeans. malas nak menjawab soalan2 cepumas, aku pun cakap la sepatutnya aku cuti. agak2 la kut takkan tak leh timbangrasa kan. kalau aku balik rumah dulu, mau aku lambat sampai office. tapi kalau depan nak bising jugak, boleh je aku beli seluar lain kat nu sentral. hahaha😆 nampak tak alasan untuk shopping disitu. 

aku rasa aku rasa serba tak kena sebab aku rindu dengan dia... tu je 😔