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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

nov blabber

gosh.. this blog really bersawang already. enough of me giving excuses that i do not have time to blog. each time i open up my blog..i will feel like updating. maybe i should try vlog in here.. heheeh 😃 just that maybe i dont like the way i sounded recorded.

honestly.. a lot of things have been happening around me. alhamdulillah AKO Fitness has been getting a few extra events.. mostly are charity base. so, yeah, you know what i mean and i am so so so grateful to have a group of loving, caring and sporting people in AKO Fitness who are not berkira whether they get paid or not to be with me on stage. alhamdulillah.. you ladies rocks!

at the same time i also got to know that someone is betraying a not to say really friendship..but we do know each other. looking at what she is doing now it makes me think that wow.. all these whole she has been eyeing on you know who. and yeah it sucks.. may Allah give her time to repent.. and insyaallah someday her husband will know that she has been bitching with another man. and you know what, enough lah portraying yourself goody goody out there.. i feel like puking! and the sad thing is i used to your support your business. **sigh**

oh well.. i guess enough of todays posting that i am doing at my lunch table at papparich 😁 eating porridge since i am not well. till we meet again in my next posting.. take care ya'll!

best regards

ain kalam

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

missing my princess :'(

i wrote this on my FB status today... just spoke to her this morning over skype.. she looks so like an adult already.. hehehe folding her own laundry.. cooking for her meals.. i miss her so damn much. i wish i am a millionaire that i can fly there anytime.

"Ok.. I think I am going crazy... I am not Jane and I am not writing about my John. I don't care if people say I am emotional but this is my wall and if you don't like what you read on my wall, feel free to unfriend me :p .. I just miss her so very very much :'( I went to her room this morning and I can smell her.. I am feeling so empty without her.. talked to her over skype but it is still not the same.. and I feel like my tears are falling as I type this... or... wait... can't stop crying already"


Sunday, September 18, 2016

awesome week with the Kalam's Clan

i don't remember the last time i went to PD. simply because now that i have my own studio to manage, it is quite challenging to actually go on a holiday that involves everybody. some people might not understand it, but it is okay. i dont live to please everyone but myself and my Creator. cheywahhh... hehheeheh :D

so, last week was school holiday. since lisa is now in the US, it is just me and joey. and my mom asked him if he wants to come to PD and join the rest of the Kalam's Clan. to be away from joey for 3 days is a long time, although even if he is at home, he will be in his room most of the time. :p but then again, it is fun receiving all the photos via whatsapp group of him babysitting zaahira, the now youngest grandchild in the family.

and because of jealousy, i tried to ask my fellow instructors if they can replace my classes over the weekend. and walllaaa... alhamdulillah they were ok. so, my plan was.. to drive there with N4 to join the rest of Kalam's Clan while kaiser takes care of mischa since he will be working .. hik hik.. :P love you baby... :* and miss you lisa :* :*

all we did was hang out.. laughing.. eating.. gossiping about each other, swimming, zumba-ing and jet ski-ing :D are there such words?

i wish i could write more... but as usual, time is so jealous of me :p will write more when i have the time okay.. i still owe you guys lots of stories during my travel to jogja!

enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

joey and i - weekend :)

enjoyed going out with my son today for late lunch.. the conversation goes like this.

disclaimer: not intended to insult anyone here 😂

me: i think i wanna start taking yoga or yogalates instructor course.
joey: i thought you already have that makcik to teach at your studio?
me: joey you can actually call her nenek you know, she is your grandmother's age, 70
joey: yeahh.. people should call you makcik at your age, but people still call you kakak?
me: hmmm yeah ok whatever.. i wanna be like madonna in this movie where she was a yoga instructor who owns studio and i like her toned body.
joey: hmm really?
me: yeah although i still believe in weight lifting no matter what.
joey: yeah..

.... the conversation continues to parenting advice..?

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Good Bye My Princess

Sending my daughter off for her to pursue her studies was a very emotional moment. i have been in a denial state of mind for a few weeks before her departure. and with the changes of flight date made it quite a chaos.

well anyway, save all the details. but this weekend was a very busy weekend with me almost everyday to be at the airport.

i am writing this while i am on the plane to jogja, the 2nd half of my jogja trip. hehehe :D my flight was delayed for more than 1 hour because a passenger was not well and cancelled flying with us. our 945am flight only took off at 10.50am!

babies started to become restless and so were the toddlers. the air pressure must be torturing the baby's ears. i can imagine..

whenever i think of lisa, my eyes started to fill with tears. i will need a few days to adjust to this. honestly i am so not in the mood to be at the office. i have so much work waiting once i am back.

i could not sleep well last night. keep on waking up. slept with lisa's sweater and i cried. **sigh** can i survive this for the next 4 years?

was glad when she messaged me when she arrived in abu dhabi. and talking to her on video call. i don't know.. she is my calming effect. she is also my best-est friend ever. now that she is not here.. i just felt like some part of me is empty. no one would be there to nag at me anymore :D err yeah.. she can be a 'mummy' at times.

lisa.. wherever you are right now, please know that you are always in my prayers.. and i pray that you will be safe.. Allah swt will take care of you.. study smart.. enjoy yourself and gain as much experience as you can. goshhhh.. here i am .. crying again..

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Prambanan Temple and Ramayana Prambanan Ballet

Yup... this is the trip that i planned few months back. this weekend is a crazy busy weekend for me and friends, and family and office colleagues. not gonna dwell into office work coz not in the mood. hahaha nampak sgt double standard di situ.

i think i am going to post separately according to the places that we went. it will be better and more focused? and i am sorry about the grammer... present tense past tense future tense whatever... i wanna type fast.. :p enjoy... muaahhh :*

okay anyway, my gf came from germany which we have planned earlier for a girls trip to jogja. she spent 1 night at our place and the next day we flew to jogja together. it is so fun that we planned to wear the same outfit whenever we can :D i always tell myself that i really need to update my blog often but ... well... busy busy busy... let's just share whatever i can ok.
kaiser drove us to the airport :) tq :*

that's us before we board the plane :D
the first thing that we did when we arrive, we went to prambanan ballet. i saw this in the internet and i put it as one of the places/event that i want to visit for my next jogja trip. it was really good. we bought the VIP seats so that we get to sit right smack in the middle and with the best view. the theater was outdoor. it gets windy towards end of the show. the story is about ramayana & sita the love story.

the next morning we went to the prambanan temple itself. it was really amazing & beautiful. kate has goosebumps looking at the temple. we actually went into almost every one of the small temples too. i just cannot describe the experience. you must go there and experience the place yourself. and you wanna go, do let me know coz i can arrange for you :) heheheh :D

Advice for 1st time Traveler
For those who wishes to visit Candi Prambanan, take more than half day to be there if you wish to go into detail and to enter every one of the beautiful & artistic temples. Actually there were a few other temples in the vicinity and you might need a lift from the transport provided (with payment) or if you wish to walk, you can do so too. 

stay tuned coz next coming up is about Goa Pindul adventure and the river on tubes!!

Monday, August 15, 2016

dengue fever is no joke

today is the 4th day that kaiser is admitted in the hospital for dengue fever. it was a painful experience for him. watching his platelet reduced from 148 to the lowest 38, his red flushed body and rashes, ulcers in his mouth.. **sigh** i can only pray and assist him whenever i can. accompanied him at the hospital most of the time. he became so weak, lost his appetite and i am sure he lost a lot of weight which he hates so much.

sometimes he gets nausea.. and feels like vomiting. he will be dependent on the medication to help him through the days. the funny part was when he was trying his luck to bluff the doctor on sunday. when the doctor arrived he said he was feeling good. but the result of the blood test showed him otherwise :D well... nice try sayang... hehhehe :D

i took him out after the 2nd day he was admitted because he was feeling bored already stuck in his room. today on the 4th day, he said he doesn't have the energy to get out of his room. and... being him, he refused to be pushed on a wheelchair.

really hope that he will recover soon. he needs to work he says.. no work no money :/ which i understand.. but he is not in the best of health right now.

insyaallah, he will be better... please pray for kaiser..