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i am so proud and grateful to be associated with the company! and with Success Together Team, insyaAllah we will be able to help and transform more to lead a healthy lifestyle and achieve their goals!

if you are looking for an effective weight management plan and safe for your body. Whats-app me for an appointment and i will share details. 


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Seminar Motivasi Usahawan

i am taking all the opportunity to learn more about this business. preparing myself and get myself equipped with all the knowledge about the company, progress, updates, compensation, business and marketing plan for my next journey. insyaallah semoga Allah permudahkan.
7 Dec 2019 was the date that i was supposed and paid the ticket to attend the Pharmanex Training by NuSkin at their office. and on the same day i received an invitation for a Seminar Motivasi Usahawan at G Tower, KL by Dr Yulia Sari from Jakarta. I love to listen to all experience in their journey with NuSkin. So far, tak ada yang mengeluh, in fact all of them pasti ada rasa puas hati dalam diri masing2 sebab dalam menjana pendapatan, they also get to help a lot of people through their health journey. 
and on the same date jugak, my cousin invited us to his daughter's wedding. aku terpaksa timbangkan yang mana satu aku akan pergi. and as always, kita mampu merancang, Allah sets what is best for us. di takdirkan, tic…


since many years back memang aku selalu biar Allah aturkan hidup aku. lebih mudah berserah daripada kadang2 plan beriyer and tak jadi, akhirnya mesti sedih gila. macam tu jugak pasal kerja aku sekarang ni. dah kerja lama and disebabkan dah dalam comfort zone, susah nak berubah tempat kerja. alhamdulillah the challenges semakin interesting and somehow aku dapat meluaskan experience aku kat area lain. tapi, somehow dalam kegembiraan aku in getting new experience, Allah bagi aku satu peluang yang aku rasa rugi aku tak ambik. and so, daripada pening sangat, aku berserah lagi and selepas 4 kali solat istikharah, aku buat apa yang aku tenang nak buat. semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya untuk aku, dan masa depan aku, insyaallah. aamiinn

What friendship means to some...

i was watching a tv series one morning, titled 'a good doctor'. somehow i was lazying on my bed and switched on the tv. the case for this 1 particular patient reminds me of my own medical condition way back in Jan 2019. in the series, the patient had pulmonary edema just like what i was diagnosed with when i was rushed to the hospital. in my thought at that time, no wonder 1 of my friend's face looked worried (when he read the doctor's notes) when i thought there was nothing serious about me. anyway, in the series, that patient died the next day, she had difficulty of breathing, which i experienced that too, and had lots of fluid in her lungs. yep, similar. cuma her case due to her heart issue, but me, due to pneumonia and i dived. i was lucky that i get the treatment fast and alhamdulillah i survived the ordeal. 
okey, so, what has this got to do with the title of this posting?
well, like many others, i tend to think back all those friends that helped me through, whe…

New BMW i8 launched in Malaysia - written in 2018

dream car? i don't know. tapi aku cuma nak cerita, masa aku on the way to work this morning, i saw this car from my car rear mirror. aku nampak mata dia memang sexy and garang, (dah macam mata mischa pun ada 😛) and the car was orange in color. aku tengok hidung dia aku dah tau it is a Bimmer. yeup, i am a Bimmer lover. and somehow for the past year aku try untuk suka Merc, tapi nampak gayanya jiwa aku tetap ke arah Bimmer. 
so pagi tadi masa Bimmer tu kat belakang my Hareth, dia tak de pun highlight kat aku suruh ke tepi ke apa, tapi untuk aku sendiri mau ingat la kan. lagipun i need to let the car pass so that i can see the rear. aku memang suka tengok buntut keter. cara aku nak terpikat dengan kereta is to see its rear. 
so bila kereta tu passed by aku tengok plate number kunun nak find out siapa owner tapi memandangkan aku ni sekarang mudah lupa, sampai office dah tak ingat apa plate number kereta tu. tapi aku ingat nombor 118, so now i know why lah kan. 
aku pun berangan, bi…

Ayah turned 80

we had a mini celebration on the day itself which was on 12 Nov 2019, at Fish Manhattan Restaurant in Wangsa Walk Mall.

we always have makan2 or big party when we celebrate our birthdays. it is a good excuse to have a good gathering within the family members. when we get extra excited we tend to extend the invitation to our relatives as well. this year ayah turns 80 and earlier, of course we wanted a big party for ayah, spending extra together with the relatives and get a good musician to perform. however, along the way, i dont know whose idea it was but it was a brilliant idea that we just keep to Kalam Clan only - and of course exceptional for AH. as somehow or rather he has been accepted to be a Kalam Clan member, although still sort of unofficial. 😊 ihik... kira on probation lah ni. 
and actually most thanks to N1 for sponsoring the venue and main dish, N2 (that's me 😋) sponsored the t-shirts for N1 and parents while N3 and N4 together with Marissa & Kelly co-organised …

weekend yang penat tapi berbaloi

tak semua orang sanggup invest RM380 untuk attend 3 hari konvensyen. lagi2 orang2 yang tak faham and closed minded on certain business opportunities. tak semua akan faham sebab lain orang lain minatnya. tapi untuk aku, it was tiring yes, tapi cukup berbaloi. untuk input information yang we can use in expanding our business. and tak semua orang boleh berjaya sebab business ni memang memerlukan kesabaran and persistence, orang kata. the last aku join network marketing was few years back and aku penat. and this time aku join lagi coz kali ni aku happy sebab this company has helped N3 to reduce her weight since berbagai2 cara and pujuk rayu kitorang buat kat N3 tapi tak berjaya and to add, aku rasa compensation plan dia lebih menarik and cepat and commission rate yang tinggi. 
anyway, side track kejap, aku ada ghost reader yang rajin letak comments sebelum ni. before this aku layan tapi lama2 aku rasa mamat ni annoying giler siot. so sekarang aku set kan cuma orang yang ada account je bo…