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3 Things You Should Do For Effective Weight Loss

Have you ever felt that you have tried almost everything to lose weight but you are just about to give up? Or you have already gave up? Do you feel tired everyday, feeling sleepy and it is not even 2.00 pm yet, not even half a day. Do you have short of breath while walking in longer period?  Losing weight can be tough if you do not have the correct guidance how to go about it. What I want to share here is, I saw my sister's changes. My sister is the toughest person for me to advice to lose weight. She decided to make changes when she almost fall asleep while driving back from work. She went to the doctor and she found out that her sugar level increased and until she was advised to get the insulin injection. She gets short of breath when she needed to walk up the stairs for her classes. That is when she said to herself, she must do something to make a change in her life, for her own good!

After the programe she lost 10kg and still working on losing more. She has the energy the whole …
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My Low Season

i have been feeling so down for the past 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago i had a fight with MrH and it makes me so sad, it was such a waste of time arguing and fighting with him. i was feeling so tired. the long distance relationship is already a tiring one for me, maybe for him too, i don't know, but i am just exhausted. i am also already tired on the uncertainty, and now being far and angry. *sigh*  and baru a few days feeling ok dengan MrH, now issue dengan anak2 pulak. 
there are certain things about my kids and i, that i am not able to share with MrH coz i feel either he will not understand or he will take it wrongly. 
i believe my kids and i have issues bottled up even since my divorce(s). Lisa with his dad and Joey with his papa (i presumed) and i did not see this coming coz i always thought that my kids are strong and understand what was going on, but i missed realizing or noticing that there is a feeling of loss in both of them. 
bringing up children is never ending. even after you…

Setelah Terlafaznya Akad

i dont know why but now tengah suka sangat tengok kamal adli. since few weeks ago aku terasa kamal adli ni macam MrH pun ada. tak la exactly the same tapi somehow ada la iras2 dia... and sweet sweet dia.. currently ada 2 drama yang aku tau kamal adli berlakon. but tau2 je lah drama melayu ni, mesti pasal dengki mendengki and in law tak suka lah, and berlaku kejam lah. so, untuk mengurangkan stress aku, i decided to watch cerita 'setelah terlafaznya akad' compared to the other one. 
drama ni ada sampai ep 28 tapi aku baru sampai ep 6. after every episode aku akan emo. bila emo tu, kadang sedih sampai nangis or kadang sampai sengih sampai telinga. and kadang2 aku tengok kamal adli, aku jadi rindu sangat dengan MrH. lepas tu aku akan whatsaap MrH. kesian MrH, dah la sibuk study, kena layan aku yang meroyan just because of a drama. 
semalam aku layan sampai ep 6, pastu geram, sedih, happy tengok cara si Hanan (kamal adli) tu layan Nawal (Uqasha Senrose) padahal itu wife dia kut. …

Sebak - Part II

And due to this, I could not attend the training session yesterday. I know I will not be able to focus. Aku dah rasa that creeping feeling inside of me and I can feel that I can just burst into tears at any moment. (Actually dah ternangis pun) Kalau lah aku ni sihat 100% macam dulu, I would just dance myself out, or call my PT and will do my weight training with him, but currently at the state of my health right now, I have some limitations. 
So, I decided to do some walking. Nak jalan2 atas treadmill, memang muntah kebosanan lah aku kan.  Jogging and walking on treadmill is so not me. I'd rather sleep in my bed than doing something as boring as that. Tak leh imagine macamana some people can do that for half hour or so. And thanks to AA for accompanying me. Sekarang ni pun aku rasa I cannot be doing exercises alone, walaupun just brisk walk. Somehow at times, I can just get weird spasm which I cannot explain where and why. 
Semalam mengah jugak but alhamdulillah we managed to wal…


i am at this juncture that i am feeling 'sebak' and aku pun tak tau macamana nak keluarkan rasa tu dari dalam diri aku. see, and i don't even know how or where to start, tapi aku rasa kecewa sangat. it sounds so drama, i know. i am not going to get into details or even general sangat. i am talking about me. tapi aku rasa macam aku dah make it clear what is expected in a relationship. 
there are so many reasons for a relationship to fail. kalau betul2 tak de chemistry, the relationship did not start pun at the first place. the most saddest thing to happen is when it fails disebabkan oleh surrounding yang sememangnya tak de kena mengena pun dengan you as a couple.

surrounding or orang2 sekeliling yang sebenarnya tak penting dalam hidup you and your partner, and yet, you let those, i don't know what to call it at the moment but yeah... those yang sepatutnya tak de kaitan dalam hidup you, affect the harmony of your relationship. berbaloi ke?
sekarang ni memang aku sedih a…


Original posting from my IG: @zin_ako
Getting there.. After discharged from the hospital on 17 May, 2019 - i had the moon face effect due to steroid medication from the whole 12 days at the hospital. .
To be honest, there are many mean people out there. People whom you hardly meet or even so called friends. Without them even asking if I am OK, they simply attacked me with statements on how I looked physically and how fat I have become.
Yes I got affected by those words. Why? Because I am already not well, I cannot do any exercises due to my swollen ribs and injured lungs that has not fully recovered. .
With the pain I had to endure, and people bashed me with mean words. .
Well I guess, I still have those people who have actually been there for me and morally supported me. #alhamdulillah#thankyou
After more than 1 month, I am happy to see progress. It may be slow and I just have to be patience but I am getting there.

Welcome "Upin"

2nd July 2019: the day "upin' was born. he is the 9th grandchild for my parents. yes.. a boy! our family ramai girls sebab tu nak boy lagi. originally there was supposed to be upin & ipin but unfortunately Allah swt has decided not to let ipin to stick around. so, tinggal lah upin. 
N4 yang preggy and aku rasa she had quite a challenging experience during her pregnancy. muntah dari awal sampai end of pregnancy. jenuh jugak lah. and her selera makan very limited. dia pun bebel and maki hamun tu - kena sabar je lah telinga siapa yang mendengar. not necessarily maki hamun about her pregnancy but other things happening around her. 
anyway, yesterday i went to visit upin. hahha 😁 memang la macam yaya.. so kalau orang kata adik yaya pun boleh diterima.  
presenting 'UPIN"! today dah selamat sunat... hehehe 😁