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YOTELAIR Singapore Changi Airport Review

continued from previous posting.

... So we went straight to Yotelair. honestly, mula2 rasa mahal. and plan asal, nak pergi Singapore bertiga sekali dengan Joey. but since tak de plan nak jalan2 sangat kat Singapore tu, Joey decided not to go. jadi lah mom daughter trip sahaja. 
date of visit: 28 Aug - 29 Aug 2019locationYotelair Changi, Singaporeroom: 1 room (cabin for two)decor: impressive - futuristic and we got so excited coz it makes us feel like we are in outaspace!cleanliness of the room: 10 out of 10. hotel service: the staff at the reception was friendly and we get to check in earlier, otherwise the check in is supposed to be at 6pm. cafe service: there was a small are for coffee, tea and snacks N/Apool: N/Arate: SGD 167.72lift: ok.

A night in Singapore

it was quite an impromptu plan. lisa was going back to USA via Singapore.  i was quite nervous at first but i learned to meditate few weeks ago after meeting with a friend. probably i will write another posting on that - meditation. had my anxiety pills ready, just in case before travelling. yes, i have anxiety issues.
anyway, the journey went well, alhamdulillah. we arrived 20 minutes earlier - wow to AirAsia for that. and this time, i took priority seats. 
Lisa: sejak bila mama start beli priority seats ni? Me: sejak rajin travel solo. i just want to escape from the hassle queuing so long and enjoy my trip.  Lisa: oh ok... cool 😄 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lisa: I think kita check in awal lah, nak tak Ma? Me: errmm boleh, Saa belanja? Lisa: ok jerss.. Me: **mentang2 dia earn USD** hehehe 
Lisa macam dah biasa je kat Singapore tu. maybe sebab she arrived in Singapore first before landed in KLIA few weeks ago. and she gets to explore.  So we went straight to Yotelair. honestly, mula2 rasa mahal. and …

Short Getaway

for many years that i have been in mersing, i have only 'landed' at jetty mersing before i hopped in tioman island. never thought that one day i will be 'browsing' the town and housing area of mersing. but because last weekend, AH invited me to his hometown, i get to explore mersing more than usual. 
it has been a long time since i did a review on hotels. this time it is going to be airbnb. i was a host myself, and this time, i get to be a guest. lowered down my expectation but when i reached the place, it was beyond my expectation. the owner did a great job in making their home cosy and comfortable for guests. 
date of visit: 31 Aug - 2 Sept 2019.locationJalan Lama, Mersing, 1 room with private bathroom.decor: seems to be quite new. love the simple and practical arrangement of the room. cleanliness of the room: 10 out of 10airbnb service: friendly and courteous host. others: cute bicycles for rent! They can be used for free for guests! 😀rate: reasonable…


This is going to be a mixed postings, be warned.

i was misunderstood when i had my dreams visualized in a form of a photo. i used to have a vision board - just so that i look at it daily and in god's will it will come true. alhamdulillah some came true and some not, yet. so after many years, i came about the vision board again. the difference is, it is on social media - goes with the trend, flow? whatever you want to call it. sadly, when that was what i put up, it creates chaos in other part of my life. it seems, my dreams - my happiness creates uneasiness towards others. **sigh** it disturbs me till now. i may feel better some day - but i dont know when. 
2005, i was relieved from living in a world of liars. people who back stabbed me, and acted as though they love me but behind my back, they disapprove of my existence? i don't like to be reminded how hard it was for me, but to realize now of how that circumstances has transformed me to be a stronger person, i am blessed. of c…

EMCEE for the Day: Awareness & Benefits of Co-generation Workshop

actually i should be thankful to my boss for nominating me as one of the participants/volunteers as committee. to be honest, when i first attended the meeting, i was quite intimidated by the attendees. ye lah, semua macam dah experienced jer and ala2 bosses level. nasib baik lah ada MS and mamat ni jenis sempoi and happy go lucky je. dulu masa mula kena mamat ni, dia ni pendiam. maklum lah baru being transferred to our company. rupanya bila dah biasa, sempoi jugak dia ni and jenis suka tolong orang. 
so one after another, memang aku agak blur tapi so far aku try not to miss the meeting. i love doing events. for this workshop kitorang cuma tolong2 je. and aku tak lah faham sangat pasal co-gen ni. but when the time comes to agih2kan duty for the event, dengan selambanya aku offer diri as the emcee. 
the last time i became an emcee was when we had a reunion for divers somewhere last year. itu pun bidan terjun. sejarah jadi emcee ni, was at dinner functions and also wedding. so when the …

AKO Fitness & HKL in Selamat Pagi Malaysia

i am thankful to Dr Ros and team for giving us another opportunity this year to perform and lead the ZUMBA session during their Finale, closing of HKL Pink October 2019. i am going to be okay by october, insyallah. maybe i won't be able to do as many songs but i will arrange in such a way that i will get to team up with the whole AKO Fitness team member and create a memory. 
this year, AKO Fitness will be bringing Abang Manzale who will be coming back to Malaysia in October. So for fans of abang Manzale, please get your tickets fast by 7th Sepetember 2019! HKL needs ample time to print your tshirts. 

KL Pink October merupakan acara penjanaan dana bagi membantu kami sebagai penganjur dalam melaksanakan kerja-kerja amal untuk turun padang ke kawasan-kawasan penempatan masyarakat berpendapatan sederhana dan rendah bagi menyampaikan dan memberi kesedaran kepada mereka risiko kanser payudara yang semakin meningkat kadar kematian di kalangan wanita.
Dengan menyertai kami, anda bukan saha…