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queen of your heart

hehehe 😁 i just love this photo. simple because i was slimmer then and this photo expression is like.. i dont care whatever.. 😂😂 and yeah.. i am a queen.. used to be called drama queen by kaiser when i became emotional.. then when i got so caught up with my zumba activities he would call me zumba queen. but then again those are history.
now i am a queen of my own world and i could become a queen of your heart if you allow me to 😛 ahakss
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dah berat

when it comes to me, apa lagi kisah berat badan lah. nak kira berat dosa, macam takut je nak cakap or cerita. heh heh :D okay sebeluam ya'll muntah. this is real story okay - bukan cobaan. and this is not drama. it is freaking real. here goes...
last monday i was about to start my monday class when i weighed myself. and i was really shocked to see - urrmm not that shock lah but yeah.. a bit, coz i know i have been eating like a pig. i wallap everything at any time. ingat badan aku ni auto adjust to maintain weight at 55kg? memang tak lah! i weighed 61kg hokay!! dengan jayanya loceng kecemasan pun bunyik ni noo ni nooo... of course i panicked. everyone says i don't look fat. i don't just that i feel heavy.  so guess what i did... i started my so called changed my eating routine. i don't take rice at night and replace it with something else. not as perfect but at least no rice coz it is easier for me to lose kg when i reduce rice intake. i am older now okay and yes i ac…


sometimes people hide their feelings. i sort of stop hiding my feelings towards anything or anyone for a long time. i believe that time is short and i wish to make known to others on what i feel, or how i feel towards someone or something. who knows the feeling is mutual? and even if it is not, at least i have done my part and i don't deny whatever feeling that i have. it is all about giving and not necessarily we will get it back.
i rindu pagi u..  i rindu malam u..  i rindu naughty u..  i rindu annoying u..  i rindu selfie u..  i rindu manja u...  i rindu romantic u.. 
and today i make known on how i feel towards you. i don't want to regret of not saying it. although you might not feel the same - it is okay... i guess. memang la people will get sad but we cannot force feelings, right? it just came... **sigh**


sebak is when i feel my chest so heavy
sebak is when i can feel like i am teresak2 on the inside and when i type i can't even put a smiley
sebak is when at any point of time my tears can burst out
sebak is when you shut me out
sebak is when you make me an option
sebak is when you talk but there is no action
sebak is when there is no more good mornings or good nights
sebak is when i feel the emptiness without your jokes that has been making me smile
sebak is when i thought i was someone special and you make me this a lie?
has this blog or each posting become my diary now? busy at the office helps me to stop or at least reduce thinking of him. if its true that he is just playing with my heart - God please help me be stronger and more aware of my own heart. be more gentle so i dont get to fall for him that much. what game are you playing? just say it straight to my face if i am not the one that you think suits you. just stop making me feel loved if you dont feel that way. please dont torture me like this. just dont... stop it. and note self... stop being too soft hearted when it comes about him. but.. it just come naturally. i cannot explain it either.
i wish i have more words to describe about him and how i feel about him. but i dont. my words are so limited. and i wish he would understand how i feel towards him. how much do i want him to be a part of my life will depends on how much he wants to be a part of mine/ours. like i said to myself or maybe i have expressed it here, i have been through a lot and i know what i want in my life already. he has what i want or need to be with me but i dont know if i am what/whom he wants in his life. dear God, i just want someone to complete my life. someone who can love me as who i am. and we take care of each other. i dont want to bore you with all these statements over and over again. i know what i dont want in a person - and the ultimate goal is toward akhirat. will you be my imam?
how can you miss a person when you hardly see him. but what i know i miss him. i just miss to be in front of him where i can look at his face :p i miss his sweet dimple whenever he smiles. i miss the feelings that i have that is calmed by his presence. i wish i have more words to describe how i feel about whatever that i am feeling right now. most of the times i cannot explain it either. i love the feelings that he made me feel.. and it made me feel young .. ermm well i always forget how old i am anyway. but maybe with him, at time he made me feel manja... hahahah :D #silajanganmuntah but then again that is how i feel la kan. God knows how he feels. he is a man with very little sayings which i guess why i adore him. "i just wanna shy guy" hehehe :D yeahh.. i don't really like orang yang banyak cakap. why am i babbling? tak pe la layan je lah ye.