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Chase Your Dreams

berapa banyak kali dah korang dengar or baca ayat macam ni? and berapa banyak kali korang kata pada diri sendiri yang korang akan usaha kejar dream korang and somehow stop half way? or sebenarnya korang tau tak dream korang apa? and aku rasa it is okay to get your dreams updated from time to time - to get better dreams. but you may ask me this question... click below.  Why Nu Skin? Dah tengok video tu? Meh i cerita. i have always been involved in the corporate world. in summary dah 22 tahun bekerja and i love my job. i have always been a people person. i like to build people and to meet people and share things that can improve their lives. after a while, due to economics reasons, banyak activities i tak boleh buat kat office. so, in short juga, i am hungry for new excitement but at the same time of course is secure for me to do. one of my biggest challenge of my dreams is to be out of the company that i have worked for many years. bukan sebab i tak suka dengan company tu tapi i just w…
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Never Give Up On Your Dreams

at this hour, most people are already asleep. but somehow my brain is still working. i was out since 8.00 am this morning and have been or wanting to share about what has given me the chance to heal and to give me back my health, so to speak. 
and by 7.45pm right after maghrib prayer was done, i drove off to publika for a training which i have never attended on wednesdays because it clashes with my zumba class. but today i chose to go for the training because i needed to go back to the system to get me recharged. 
you must be thinking what system am i talking about. it is a system by a team called success together world wide created by rayne & angela and now in KL, we are lead by 2 couples of Million Dollar Circle members (now known as Circle of Excellence 1) Annie & Andy and Dawn & Ichiro. Somehow i see it as so unique that it starts with the wife's name at the front. which my dream one day would be Ain & AH 💕 fuhh... well, dream is good. provided AH wants to do…


money can change a person into someone greedy. no matter how you are tied up to each other. ketika senang, bantu yang paling dekat which is family - but how many actually are doing it? mula2 memang akan cakap will support but bila tiba waktu - you will eventually know who actually walk the talk.
ini memang perasaan aku for awhile. memang aku kecik hati tapi aku cuba buang perasaan tu. depan2 macam bagus but aku tak de hati dah sebenarnya. i keep on telling myself, i will do it with or without the help. i have many others who will willingly help. 
aku sedih campur kecik hati sampai aku terbawak2 dalam mimpi. mimpi yang pelik2 pulak tu. perkataan together tu sebenarnya kata2 je. when all the time it is all about dia. 

Transformation TR90 Testimonial

Have you asked yourself what is the value of your health? Are holidays more important than you redeeming what is best for your health?

are you ready to get on board - living a healthier lifestyle? contact me and i will come for an assessment. Look is secondary. Internal health is our focus. Reduce your Visceral Fat, Fat Percentage, BMI and eventually you will be healthily transformed. 

Hari2 Tanpa Malakoff

after coming to the 3rd week upon early retirement, i am still in my relaxing mode. dont have to rush to go to work and at times lazying at home. although to be honest, i have so many things lining up. ada lah jugak terfikir2 pasal office. team aku ok ke tak, of which i am sure diorang ok jer. it will be just another day at work. 
aku rasa sampai aku kena categorize kan apa yang perlu aku buat sebab banyak sebenarnya cuma aku belum dapat susun sangat my new way of life. aku cakap dengan AH last week, aku banyak nak buat. and macam biasa he will ask and see if there is anything that he can help with. kesian jugak AH sebab for the past few weeks dia asyik kena marah je dengan aku. somehow he is the one who keeps on apologizing. i really should jaga my temper which seems to be appearing quite often. not forgetting my migraine yang sekarang ni every 2 days aku kena attack. and bila kena tu memang sakit gila rasa nak terkeluar biji mata.  AH took some time off to be in KL to settle a few …

Tribute for these 2 amazing stars

2 nama yang popular dalam industri hiburan. dan 2 lifestyle berbeza dan mereka dijemput Pencipta. nowadays, death comes tak kira usia and lifestyle seseorang. memang itu pun yang dijanjikan Allah swt.  Jodoh & Ajal adalah rahsia Allah a week ago aku terkejut mendapat berita kematian abam bocey. i have never watched his performance. i do see him every now and then on social media but tak ada terminat lagi untuk menonton. that is besides the point. what i wanted to write is, he is an amazing son who always put other people's first - his family - his mom especially. and semua pengorbanan abam bocey, Allah telah kurniakan di muka bumi and insyaallah dikurniakan syurga buat abam bocey. and he is loved by many people. walaupun ada yang bukan peminat abam bocey tapi kesedihan menyelubungi mereka. 
this morning aku lebih tergamam dengan pemergian ashraf sinclair - it was like.."omg really?" "what happened?" and it is indeed sudden for all of us. and i cried over a…

31 Jan 2020 - Last Day in Malakoff

yeup.. u read this right. macam nak kata "finally i am leaving...." or sebenarnya by the time aku tulis posting ni, i am already an alumni of Malakoff Utilities sub of Malakoff Corp Berhad, dah 9 hari. tapi somehow aku rasa macam cuti je buat masa sekarang ni. 
memang la sedih and terharu bila nak tinggalkan office yang dah 22 tahun lamanya aku kerja kat situ. dulu memang aku rasa aku akan pencen kat situ tapi somehow, Allah ada plan lain untuk aku. i take it as Allah nak beri aku peluang to venture into something new. something yang buat masa ni membuatkan aku excited to learn something new and new challenges tanpa to have a new boss. 
what we have now are leaders and these leaders are training me to be another leader and also training me to look or to recognize another leader(s). 
aku ada cuti 6.5 hari lagi and i took all those leaves which made my january shorter. my team members yang sedih la. aku pun sedih jugak tinggalkan diorang but aku dah sediakan sistem yang cukup…