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Immune Booster

Kenapa pentingnya imunisasi dalam badan?  Sebab dengan imunisasi yang kuat akan dapat melawan serangan penyakit berjangkit tertakluk kepada tindak balas seseorang. Dan selalunya ramai pakar dari segi nutrisi akan beritahu cara pemakanan yang betul, banyakkan makan buah2an dan sebagainya. Tetapi, berapa banyak buah2an akan anda makan dalam sehariCukupkah untuk memberi tahap imunisasi yang diperlukan? Oleh kerana itu lah, kami telah mengumpulkan beberapa jenis supplemen untuk meningkatkan imunisasi dalam badan dan meningkatkan anti oxidan dalam badan. Kenapa kita berbeza dengan supplemen yang lain? Sebab pemilihan dan cara produksi yang sangat teliti iaitu Proses 6S untuk memastikan ianya berkesan untuk tubuh anda.
Why is immunization important in the body? Because strong immunization may be able to counter the attack of infectious diseases depending on each person. And often many nutrition experts will tell you how to eat right, eat lots of fruit and so on. But, how much fruit will y…

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Proton X50 Preview

today i was given the opportunity to get an invitation for Proton X50 Preview at White Ballroom, PJ. when i got a call from my cousin who wanted to give me the invitation, i told him that i will get someone to go with me since i am not allowed to drive yet. AH is back in kuantan so i decided to get AA to come with me.  of course i was excited for the preview. i want to be able to touch and sit in X50, if only i can have a test drive, it would be lovely. but at my condition pun bukan boleh drive lagi at least until november 2020. so, all of you who reads my thoughts about this car, you've got to bear in mind that i am not a techie person and i buy cars based on what my needs are and i usually get attracted by the back of the cars. that was how i decided on getting my hyundai coupe last time. resale value does not matter to me. speed? urmmm, ok, on this matter, since i am always a careful driver [within the speed limit] most of the time, i am fine but the pick up matters, i guess. so…

Vitamin Sea 28 Aug - 31 Aug 2020 - Day 3

continuation: time to go home. asalnya RMS kata nak extend 1 more day kat pulau. pastu naper tah, tak jadi, pastu ingat nak lepak kat kuantan pun tak jadi. ended up kitorang balik sama2 dengan other divers. 3 VellFire and 1 Pick Up truck. best convoy ramai2 ni. 
i miss outing macam ni. most of the people, aku baru kenal this weekend. friendly young guys and gals. mostly came from the same company. on the way back tu kitorang singgah makan udang galah katanya. susah jugak bila nak makan tangan senget2 .. hehehe... but jangan komplen ain. sabor! 
aku dah lupa and kurang semangat nak update sebab dah lama sangat and ada aktiviti baru lagi yang perlu diupdate. anyhow, enjoy these pictures of the huge udangs! lol 😀

Dating Time

Was out and about today getting some tasks done. For now, macam tu la we spend our quality time. So as we parked the car, planned to go to 2 different shops,
W: So kita nak pergi kedai A dulu ke, kedai B? H: Err W: *H belum sempat jawap* Kita pergi kedai A lah. H: Ok sayang W: Actually kan, kalau org perempuan tanya soalan, sebenarnya dia dah ada jawapan kan? *sambil aku gelak²* H: Ya. And dia nak orang mengiyakan je jawapan tu! W: 🤣🤣 hahahaa eh ye lah kan.. pandai u.. bagus! H: eleh 😜
So of course we went to Kedai A dulu.
#hadiainstory #mycoastguard #faceapp

Taraa!! Lost & Found

blogging pakai email ni, cepat sangat tertekan sent. nak share gambar ni sebenarnya! 🤣
2 weeks ago i went to Tioman with my friends and it was just over the Merdeka weekend. usually i do not wear my gold accesories for island trips but this time it was different since i will not be diving anyway. and plus i wanted to feel AH is near me or with me all the time.
and only on the journey back from the island, i realized that my engagement ring was no longer on my finger! only God knows how my heart drop at that time. i called my friend to help me check at the resort. i called the 1st hotel at tg gemok, and it was not there.
i was so sad when i told AH. its the memory of his mom putting the ring on my finger that i cherish, of course i love the ring too coz i chose the design.
checked again through my luggage bag but cant find it anywhere and after that, i told myself, "if i can't find it means it is not meant to be" of course i was sad but had to give in to Allah. what else can…

Love Guaranteed - My Personal Review

after many times, urmmm ok lah not that many but a few times i got hooked accidentally watching indo movies. finally i am back at english movie. yey. 😆 love all the actors and actress in this movie. honestly aku tak kenal pun diorang. but the character pun best. 
the story is about a lawyer yang suka tolong orang walaupun terpaksa bekerja secara percuma. demi nak mambantu orang. and sampaikan hampir2 kehilangan her lawyer firm. but i guess, kalau kita ikhlas tolong orang yang memerlukan, Allah akan berikan ganjaran yang lebih. 
so that is what the story is all about. dari kerja pro bono, she got a client yang in the end dia menang kes USD500,000. her client, Nick Evans nak sue an online dating company called 'love guaranteed' sebab dia dah keluar dating 1000 kali tapi tak jugak jatuh cinta. 😆 macam2 kan, kalau kat US ni. semua main saman je. lepas tu bukan sikit2, sebab lawyer dia nak claim for USD1M. 
but anyhow, disebabkan in the end Nick jatuh cinta pulak dengan his lawy…

Notes to Share

I got this from my Coaching Course Whatsapp Group. Pasting it here so that I can read this again 😊 I didn't write these ok 

I spent close to 5 years of my career by working mostly in corporate Malaysia. The corporate world is tough, mean, demanding, and rewarding. It's a pathway for not many people especially in this era filled with startups, SMEs, and family businesses. Corporate giants such as MNC & public listed are just peculiar breeds. Here are the harsh lessons the corporate world has taught me.
1. If you have a soft emotion,corporate isn't the best place for you. To climb the ladder, you must be loud, aggressive and at times selfish. If you work silently, it may go unnoticed. It's just a competitive world with limited positions.
2. You're paid to provide solutions not just to highlight the problems. The more problems you can solve, the more valuable you are to the company.
3. Your co-workers and bosses are most likely wearing 'masks' in office h…

Vitamin Sea 28 Aug - 31 Aug 2020 - Day 2

Merdeka Dive 2020 Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke 63! their 1st dive patutnya jumpa kat dive centre 830am. aku terfikir nak sleep in je while they all pergi dive. coz aku bukan boleh dive pun. tapi somehow, lepas solat subuh aku terus mandi and aku fikir aku akan have breakfast time diorang dah dive. 
tapi as i arrived at the dive centre, dengan HMS, memang terasa rindu dengan suasana preparation tu. aku act macho je. sekali Lee and Tash tanya if i want to be on the dive boat with them. mula2 aku tak leh nak decide. i told HMS kalau sampai kat jetty and tengok dive boat ada space lagi aku join lah. and to cut story short, i joined.
same time jugak SR contacted me and told me i am the 2nd top achiever for daily closings. alamak.. camna.. aku dah atas boat. ada ke line kat tengah laut tu? so, i gave SR my text just in case tak de line. tapi masa kat tengah tu, ada line kejap and aku sempat la practise, but bila dah time to share, terus tak de line. 😄

anyway, am glad i followed the grou…