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mariah carey singapore 2018

3 nov - 4 nov 2018: this was an unplanned trip. we were chatting in the family chat group and i knew N1 was planning to go to spore and taking our parents with her. just that only like few days before i got to know that she is going to mariah carey's concert. i kind of missed the one in KL.. coz it was like, 2 days before the concert in KL, i saw the info. hehehe 😆 so at that point of time, my thought was, it's ok lah, tak de rezeki and plus ticket gila mahal kut. not gonna spend money on that coz i have a dive trip to aim for in january 2019. but then.. tiberrr... eh.. ada concert MC kat Spore? i asked in the group chat. and N1 asked me, you wanna go? and i dont know how and without thinking, i said, nak!! so, thats how the story goes...

suara dia memang power sampai meremang bula roma dengar, and aku tak puas sebab tak dapat menari to her songs. and lepas 2 atau 3 lagu dia akan tukar baju and i just love all her dresses. body dia pun chun! sebenarnya aku tak tahu berapa umur mariah carey ni.. N1 aku kata dia 60 tahun tapi bila aku google, tak jauh beza pun dari kitorang.

bila aku dengar lagu we belong together tetiba aku teringat kenangan dengan DA dulu... when we used to spend lots of time together, long hours at night and whenever i needed a shoulder to cry on, dia sentiasa ada dengan aku. and the best part is we remain just as friends. coz he is one of those people, precious people in my life that i cannot have to be more than just friends.

tapi ada cerita lagi disebalik cerita holiday ni... tak pe lah.. macam malas pulak nak cerita.. ermm, ke, nak cerita jugak? hehehe 😆 ok lah.. ceritanya sepatutnya sunday after the concert, i wanna masuk pulau tioman for another dive trip tetapi ditentang sekeras2nya oleh segelintir rakan2 rapat and also my mom lah kan... so ok lah.. i decided to just join kalam's clan's trip ni.. menumpang2 la dengan diorang. ngeh.. ngeh... ngeh..😆

masa ni concert dah habis daa... rasa macam kejap sangat
satay for breakfast... dah macam orang Ktan bila raya pulak hahaha 
apa yang tinggal...
lena je tido malam tadi sebab dapat tido dengan mama & ayah satu katil 
supper with relatives in singapore

this was breakfast time on sunday...dengan maira

if you wanna see more pictures, go follow my ig @zin_ako coz that is where i posted most pictures and videos of last night's concert.


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