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love hurts

by - November 14, 2017

wow, and too bad it is true. i remembered when i attended the talk by Yasmin Mogahed - when you love a person, do not love him/her too much because that is where God will test you with the biggest test/challenge. Allahuakbar.. and i cried when i heard that coz that happened to me. and after that day, i always think back of my feelings towards others and control where i can. even with parents, she said, do not love your children too much coz afraid that Allah will test you on that. and... that scares me too. always put Allah number 1 in your heart. i know it is easier said than done but that is just how it is. and always remember that all these are temporary. be happy, enjoy life but remember your roots - where you came from. and most of all remember your Creator coz, He is the eternity.

so, the story goes... keeping her feelings to herself is not what she intends to do. she has learnt through life that she needs to express how or what she feels. it may scare some people or it may make some people appreciate her honesty. and because of her experience, she wishes not to waste her time. time and life is too short not to enjoy her life. not to express her love towards others. and at the same time, of course she will be opening the door of chances getting hurt. and so the journey continues....she has said what needed to be said.. and only Allah will guide it through

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