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office open house @ KLHilton

by - August 27, 2013

for the first time since working here for the past 17 years... i actually stayed till the end of the event for hari raya open house. and this year, i get to chat with a few people i know... meet new people.. smiling, talking, joking... laughing.. and yeah.. i had a great time :) and owhh if you are wondering why are there a few in pink, that is because those who are entertaining clients/guests/customers should wear pink.. :p 

this year our office had the open house in a smaller scale, no spouse no children... my kids were sad at first for not getting invited, but this is how it is.. work is work - aku yang menurut perintah.. on the other hand, i stayed longer and managed to meet more people. :) 

and i get to actually chat with datuk astaman.. a nice VIP :) hmmphh.. it was good.. yeah... :D these are a few pictures i gathered in my phone camera and some from my friends. enjoy!

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