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A night in Singapore

happy nya leaving KL - aku lah tu
time ni dia tengah cranky hahaha 😁
i was so happy ada sushi dlm flight!
it was quite an impromptu plan. lisa was going back to USA via Singapore.  i was quite nervous at first but i learned to meditate few weeks ago after meeting with a friend. probably i will write another posting on that - meditation. had my anxiety pills ready, just in case before travelling. yes, i have anxiety issues.
anyway, the journey went well, alhamdulillah. we arrived 20 minutes earlier - wow to AirAsia for that. and this time, i took priority seats. 

Lisa: sejak bila mama start beli priority seats ni?
Me: sejak rajin travel solo. i just want to escape from the hassle queuing so long and enjoy my trip. 
Lisa: oh ok... cool πŸ˜„
Lisa: I think kita check in awal lah, nak tak Ma?
Me: errmm boleh, Saa belanja?
Lisa: ok jerss..
Me: **mentang2 dia earn USD** hehehe 

Lisa macam dah biasa je kat Singapore tu. maybe sebab she arrived in Singapore first before landed in KLIA few weeks ago. and she gets to explore. 
Water Fountain in the mall
So we went straight to Yotelair. honestly, mula2 rasa mahal. and plan asal, nak pergi Singapore bertiga sekali dengan Joey. but since tak de plan nak jalan2 sangat kat Singapore tu, Joey decided not to go. jadi lah mom daughter trip sahaja.
 Video of the Room
click on this picture for video of the room
mula2 sampai je, we all lepak dulu - dah penat dok gelak sebab amused dengan kecomelan bilik kitorang. we wanna make full use of the money that we paid for. so we layan netflix chugedder. tv dia besar, best! rasanya macam kecik sikit dari lebar queen size bed tu. so, i get to watch tv without putting on my glasses. Ya Allah, kenapa aku lupa tajuk movie tu...(yey! dah ingat, sebab tanya lisa tadi :P) but then again, i didn't get to focus sebab kena menjawab email2 and whatsapp kerja. ye, memang agak spoil lah... cuma ada benda urgent yang kena settle, kalau tak kesian my team members kena pulak kang.
i strongly recommend sons & daughters to watch this.
dah settle layan movie kat netflix, aku mandi and solat before we went down to cari dinner. pusing punya pusing, we decided to makan kat Aloha Poke (pronounced as Poki) hehehe :D sebab macam makanan jepun. and i had my fav as always - prawn! aku happy sangat on the trip. of course i wish boleh je holiday bertiga but sebab kelam kabut - nanti jadi tak best pulak. tetiba aku rasa lisa's 3 weeks back tu was too short. dah hujung2 cuti pulak baru rasa best. and i really miss having fun with my princess.

brownies & ice cream for dessert!
dah lepas makan kitorang pusing2 lagi and shop for Idz. best giler.. banyak nya baju2 babies and toddlers.. sib baik i don't have small kids, kalau tak lagi banyak la spend! so yeah, idz got 1 pair of carters and osh kosh. 

dah lepas jalan2 tu, we decided to go back to our room. kena lepak kat bilik lama2 baru worth it. hahah 😜and we layan another movie but somehow half way sebab dah lewat malam sangat. i tried to sleep.. woke up at 1am and lisa was still awake. i asked her to sleep - tetiba aku pulak tak boleh tido. and yang tak best tiba2 i got anxiety attack and terasa macam claustrophobic! ishhh kurang asam betul. 

by 2.45am dah kena bangun and siap2 sebab lisa kena ada latest 4am for her 6am flight. and that's the end of our 1 night trip to Singapore... and it is never easy to see this girl go.. insyaallah, will meet again in dec when she grads.


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