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6 May - 17 May 2019

by - May 17, 2019

Salam & Morning.

After 12 days warded, Alhamdulillah i can be discharged today. Hopefully before noon.  Pain bearable although still there. So, coming home with painkillers tablet.

Yesterday evening was my 2nd time and alhamdulillah last injection for steroids on my right ribs.

Thank you everyone for the doas and visits 🤗🤗😘 only Allah swt can repay your kindness.

I am taking it easy and I do need your support emotionally.. be nice in your words to me if you see my physical changes. 👈i mean this

This #noordinarywoman WILL be back!  😜

love you all 😘😘😍🤗

Friday 17 May 2019
Prince Court Medical Centre, KL

last briefing before discharge process
sweet je nurse ni kan.. always smiling

Dr HL has been very patient with me and done all the necessary steps and listening to my complains on my pain. It was indeed a good decision to go under Dr HL's care after my incident in Maldives for his specialties. Yes, it has been a long journey. Setiap detail complains he address although I can see in your some like, not to say blur but you were also pelik why and how on all the pains that I complained. Kalau dah doctor pun pelik, me as a patient lagi lah lah.

All I wanted to know is to really get into the root cause of all these pains. Coz honestly rasanya macam tak habis2, and from 1 pain leads to another. I know that some of the reasons could be because I did not get a full rest as instructed coz I am degil and cannot sit still kind of woman. I really really have to do this. And those who thinks I am enjoying myself being warded - thank you.. Honestly I feel sick and tired with those kind of comments, and I don't think it was funny but I accept some of different characters on people I know. I would take it as you are amazed with my smiling all the time despite what I have to endure in life 👄 I love you still. 

I had a good rest and treatment from all the nurses on duty different shifts. Some I remember their faces during my last admission at PCMC. And I really want to thank every one for taking care of me here at PCMC. I know you ladies/guys are just doing your job but I guess when setiap perbuatan itu ikhlas, it shows all over in your face & gestures. For all the kesabaran to check on me and providing the essentials, seriously, I am so very grateful. And I cannot thank you all enough. With all the sweet smiles all the time and being gentle and courteous, you are a people person ladies! Salute!

The time that I was at PCMC, I still check on my office emails, answering some questions, check on zumba classes and plans and also did some thinking with a few other things that is going on with my life at the moment. And yes, if I can make time for office, zumba, I made time to blog. Coz I love to write and share. Bukan nya I terlantar tak boleh bangun pun. 👀 

What is my next career move was also on my mind, and I had a talk about this with Lisa. Maybe it will materialize, insyallah. I had my good wonderful moments talking with Lisa & Joey and have my heart to heart talk about us - and being far apart is difficult coz I so miss them a lot to be with me at times like this. Joey has been that young man who has been more responsible and mature and patient with his mom's kerenah too. love you son!
one of the nights when i had a dream of both of them sekali - scares me.
MrH, thank you for your patience too being with me every single moment until I do feel segan. He accompanied me in every second that he can and thanks to technology and we are on video call every night without fail. #silajanganmuntah.😋 He is aware of what is going on in my head, about us. His calmness and understanding just made me feel silly. But hey a woman is a woman, that is why Allah creates us differently to complete each other. What we talked about last night and discussed I think gave me some light and hope that we may achieve what we are dreaming of. And perhaps it was one of the booster for me to be well again and so looking forward to our future together insyallah. May Allah grant us perseverance, tolerance and understanding and love in each other.
thank you for being with me, and you know i know what we are to each other you mama ayah...
Family and friends [Divers, BBGS, PUO, office, ZUMBA members friends and instructors, Bridgeport University) which I might miss to sebut, I am sorry but you know that I am so thankful for all the doa and visits. As mentioned, do not feel bad for not coming to visit - I am truly ok. Yang hantar messages bertanya khabar pun, tq, silent readers with silent doa's thank you. 

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