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made of honour

by - April 23, 2018

it was a lazy sunday for me yesterday. it seems that all my plan (last minute anyway) went down the drain. there is no yoga for this sunday and next sunday so i decided to get out of bed later than usual. end up i got up really late. my mom had to show lah there were lempeng at her house. so i took my sambal ikan bilis and brought to my parents house. drop joey off to work at lrt setiawangsa. somehow, i felt so bored at my parents house so i released the 3 kittens! hahaha 😋😈 i am sure ginger, snowy and moana loved the freedom i gave them. 

then, i wanted to color my hair but my hairdresser was on leave, when i queried at klcc, it was gonna cost me rm600! no way i was gonna spend my hard earned money just for my hair!! then i wanted to do my facial, my beautician was also on off day... dayummm... the only lucky thing i got was to get the makcik urut to come over to the house for 2.5 hours of full body massage! yeehaa!! 💃 and after the body massage i decided to buy a movie from hypptv. perrggh punya la panjang intro posting ni kan? eppp.. bagi la chance.. time2 ada mood nak bercerita ni. 

at first i thought this story was gonna be boring. but after a while i kinda like it. ye lah.. i ni kan hopeless romantic fool, someone used to tell me. hahaha 😃 but it is okay - coz that is the truth. i don't know how to share with you about this movie but what i can say is i enjoyed watching this movie and makes me wonder, or sort of miss being with a mat salleh. does this means that i can't have a relationship with an asian anymore? hmmmm...  for now, it doesn't matter as long as he is a muslim and practices. 😚

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