Monday, July 31, 2017


sometimes people hide their feelings. i sort of stop hiding my feelings towards anything or anyone for a long time. i believe that time is short and i wish to make known to others on what i feel, or how i feel towards someone or something. who knows the feeling is mutual? and even if it is not, at least i have done my part and i don't deny whatever feeling that i have. it is all about giving and not necessarily we will get it back.
i rindu pagi u.. 
i rindu malam u.. 
i rindu naughty u.. 
i rindu annoying u.. 
i rindu selfie u.. 
i rindu manja u... 
i rindu romantic u.. 

and today i make known on how i feel towards you. i don't want to regret of not saying it. although you might not feel the same - it is okay... i guess. memang la people will get sad but we cannot force feelings, right? it just came... **sigh**