Saturday, July 25, 2015

Happy 18th Bday Sweetheart!

How time flies. Lisa turned 18 on 24th July, 2015. she has always been an organizer for her friends' special day. i am granting her wish to have a birthday celebration this year combined with hari raya open house. i planned with my friends, joey, my sisters and her friend to do something special for her.

it rained towards the evening which somehow spoils a bit of the decor :p but it didn't affect her spirit at all. she was quite cool about it although i was a bit frustrated :p hehehe :D so yeah.. we had a special slides for her and me and my friends did a special hari raya performance for her... hahha :D hope we did not embarrassed her. 

happy 18th bday sayang.. may you be blessed with success from the Al Mighty and be protected all the way. love you much!!