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it'll be a great trip

by - October 27, 2013

eh i am not supposed to be blogging... i am supposed to help print my mom's stalls/cafe's menu.. hehehe :D it's gonna be short one, promise :) it's already late.. 1115pm now. i had a good weekend although had to suffer a bit for sore throat, started coughing a lil bit and to make it more challenging - menstrual cramps...*sigh* but it's ok lah... terhapus dosa2 kecil kan... mudah2an. 

anyway, my trip planning this time is really mencabar minda and kesabaran. but alhamdulillah to cut it short we will still be going.. but i cut short the trip from 7 days to 5 days.. so that everyone is happy. i am happy i can dive, lisa can take her exam, joey can enjoy his holiday and kaiser will not lose his investment and his off day cut short by 2 days.. he can go straight to work the next day.. yeahh!

yeup... that's it blogging for this week...

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