Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Plan your meal time

Actually these are basics that people always forget. A good reminder for all for us - and the key would be also, do it NOW.. Not tomorrow, or the day after, but NOW :)

Fitness Tip: Slow down as the sun goes down - What do I mean by this? Well just as important as it is to eat a great breakfast to start the day, it is also as equally important to reduce your food consumption as the day goes on. So plan to eat a good solid breakfast, a good lunch, and reduce your meal portions at dinner time. Remember that as you get closer to bedtime your body starts to wind down and you will not have the same opportunity at night to burn those consumed meal calories as you did earlier in the day. So eat more early and back down as you reach sun down.

Sources: your personal trainer

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orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ info yang baik kak..! kak sudah oke ka..?

Ein said...

thanks orochi..

better than last week.. tapi still recovering lah...