Monday, December 10, 2012

joey bercerita lagi

dah lama tak dengar joey bercerita kan? sebab sekarang ni joey dah besar. he is turning 13 in 2.5 weeks.. wow how time flies. jadi sekarang ni joey dah ala2 bujang gitu... kalau aku tanya sepatah, dia jawab sepatah... kadang tu kalau aku tanya pun dia macam acuh tak acuh je jawab. sedih jugak.. tapi malas nak gaduh2 jadi aku biarkan aja dia dengan dunia minecraft dia tu. asalkan dia tak buat benda2 yang tak sepatutnya, aku dah patut bersyukur dah. 

anyway, last weekend was daddy's turn to be with joelis. it is not easy to get daddy's time. joelis have been waiting. it was a lonely weekend for me but i guess i learn to deal with it :) and quite boring especially when kaiser works during the day. 

so anyway last sunday, joelis came home at about 1045pm. lisa looked really tired. she asked me if she can stay up to read, i told her to go straight to bed.. and guess what, not even 5 minutes after that when i entered her bedroom, she was already fast asleep :) 

unlike joey.. he was playing with this little bug that he bought at the toyrus. i entered his bedroom and disturbed him. i asked him how was his weekend. and he started to tell me how much he enjoyed himself.. playing boardgame.. going to the movie.. what happened in the cinema.. about some people who he thinks are poyo at the ice skating ring.. and i asked him about khalish. i love listening to stories about how they spend their time with their little brother. :) hehee :D know what, actually if i need to babysit khalish to be with joelis, i don't think i'd mind. :) well anyway, joey was telling how khalish messed up the room.. and joey scared him by saying 'i will eat you' hehehe :D and knowing that joey's voice now is rougher than before...hehehe i can imagine when khalish ran behind their dad.. while joey telling me all this, he closed his eyes.. it's so funny... mulut pot pet pot pet... tapi mata tutup... and it was more than 30 minutes that he tells me all this stories.. 

i am sure joelis had a lot of fun.. wish they could do this more often :) spending time with daddy - if this makes them happy...