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maharku untukmu - my personal review

by - November 05, 2012

tenang.... tenang... hhhehe :D yes yes... i am a fan of adiputra.. simply because he is a simple and friendly guy. and ok.. no doubt, he is the 'tall, dark & handsome' which at least it works for everyone! ermm i hope he is really tall.. :p 

so anyway, the review that i wanna make is on a 'new' drama that was actually a rerun?! ye ye jer aku letak kat my scheduler.. rupanya citer lama... but it's okay lah... i love both of them...adiputra & nabila shuhaimi or also known as abil. :) abil is one cool young mommy! she is cheerful and she's good in acting too. 

i missed a few minutes of the drama since kaiser and i were already watching a movie on cinemax. 

Maharku Untukmu (re-run on 4th nov 2012 tv3 9pm) 

adiputra - putera (driver)
nabila - tg aisyah
norish karman - tg marina
rahim jalani - tg hamid
iqram dinzly - tg ariff

the story is about a muslim, rich family who doesn't practice islam. i believe there are people who are like this. and norish karman who acted as the mom, sounded scary to me. the words that she says.. it just resembles some people out there... well anyway... rather than typing the whole story's synopsis, i found a wonderful blog that writes about it :) 

i like the way abil talks in the drama, it is like she wasn't acting.. she was natural.. and adi in the drama, he was cool as ever. it is difficult to find a man like putera in the drama. dah la jadi pak sanggup because tg aisyah (abil) was already pregnant, penyabar pulak tu... kena pukul marah dengan bini... isk isk... (garangnya kamu abil!) hehehe :D 

conclusion, i like the drama... and memang tangkap leleh lah... although i was hoping that putera wakes up from his coma... :"( huk huk... 

as usual, laki aku sure kutuk kan... biasa lah, dia kan tak romantik :p hahaha jeles lah tuhh.. :p

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