Tuesday, September 11, 2012

more on upsr...

sorry guys... yeup.. memang aku tak tenteram sekarang ni... my mind is with joey... and tak henti2 doakan untuk anak bujang aku tu... and selalunya the doa goes automatically for my princess who will sit for her pmr next month. ada jugak la orang2 yang mulut tak ada insurance nak laser2 bila para ibu lain or bapak yang nervous bila anak2 sits for the exam. ye lah.. anak diorang belum time lagi... tengok lah time anak korang nanti... 

why am i at the office when my son is taking the exam? shouldn't i be at his school to support him? :) good question... hehehe :D my style of bringing up my children may not be 'approved' by some parents. but then again, they are my kids and i do what i feel is best for them :) alhamdulillah so far they have been good kids. 
so, months before upsr, i asked joey if he wants me to be on leave. 

me: joey, nanti upsr joey nak mama ambik cuti ke?
joey: mama nak cuti untuk apa?
me: entah, tak kisah lah.. sajer... sebab joey nak exam
joey: hmmm mama nak cuti pun nak buat apa kan.. joey buat exam jer...
me: memang la.. kut la.. nak mama support hehehe :D
joey: tak payah lah kut..
me: nanti mama yang stress kan...
joey: ha'ah ma.. hahaha :D mama tak payah tunggu kat sekolah pun.
me: okay.. up to you tau..
joey: yeup

that's my boy... so, here i am at the office.. but my mind and heart is with him...right now.. 


Queen of hearts said...

Today is the last day of the UPSR examination. I bet you pun merdeka sekali. LOL! When my boys have exams I pun gelisah kat rumah. All the best Joey!