Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flabby arms: How to tone your arms - Arm toning exercises

ahh yes... now that she mentioned when you reach your 40s... perghhh... menusuk kalbu :p LOL :D well okay, something that i need to do again... i have been skipping my gym routine... so, gotta start doing something at home because i hate looking at my saggy arms.. these are among the exercises that i used to do at the gym with my PT aka hubby aka kaiser :P just in case you are asking :p and the one on the chair, since i have a japanese kind of bed, i usually do it at the edge of my bed.... NOT on the bed okay... lain pulak exercisenya nanti! tetttt.... sshhh :P

okay, so ladies.... check out the video and do share with your friends... remember, age is just a number and you ought to grow old gracefully ;) 


Queen of hearts said...

I've seen this video before. Tried it at the gym. Maybe I didn't have the right ball because I kept going from side to side. It was impossible. Heeheehee..but now I'm doing Insanity. I've found the best way for my triceps.
Keep it up Ein!!

Ein said...

i think it is easier to do the push ups without the ball :p but there must be a reason for the ball to be there, don't you think? :D hehehe

So, what do you do for your triceps? Mind sharing? ;)