Tuesday, May 15, 2012

happy mode today!

okay.... yes i am so happy today... maybe sebab banyak kerja yang outstanding yang urgent dah settle kut. i did not realize that i am so happy until i found this one blog... hehehe :D somehow reading it terasa macam i am actually talking to someone, or kind of like listening to someone.. :) this is what i like about when i read someone's blog. everyone is different (i accept that) jadi content setiap orang tu kan berbeza2. tapi baca blog ni, aku rasa terhibur... ke sebab memang today i am just happy? hehehe :D

ini lah rupa sort of logo kat blog dia :)
i have people signing my chatroom box...(tu yang sebelah kanan blog aku tu) and i acknowledge them.. (all of you) and i do want to re-visit your blog/website/page.. just that most of them link dia pelik2... so, unless your url is genuine, i will not be able to visit back okay... :) 

sebenarnya aku nak tulis pasal benda lain pagi nie, tapi sebab aku happy sangat baca blog ni kan... terus aku tulis pasal dia ;) hahahah :D and hence, terus letak kat my stress releaser aku :) just for the record, i do follow some other blogs quietly... and for those yang dapat tempat on my page is because of the content (i like) and they also update frequently.

anyways... later2 i will post more.... kut... if time permits... okay... other than that, enjoy your tuesday!