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pouring it out...

by - December 18, 2011

not really speechless, but more of dunno what to write first... so much/many (whatever..?) things jumbling in my head. and its like i actually don't know what is bothering me. or maybe i know but i don't know what to do yet... or how to settle it one by one? had so many things happening so fast around me :( maybe or is it because i am too sad to leave our current home? sob..sob..sob... and i just wanted someone to listen to my sadness or to share with me without telling me to move on? of course i know i should move on... move out lagi! :P hehehe but you know sometimes i just wanna be able to let out my feelings... argghhh.... 

let me just try to tell you what happened today... as usual, sunday is a busy day... and i will always be out for breakfast even if there is breakfast on the table :P sorry just wanna be out kut... although everyday pun i won't be having breakfast at home... just gatal :P then, went to jusco to redeem my points... hmm somehow it's good that kaiser came along, otherwise i may be changing my mind on where to go and ended not really going anywhere... and not much things done. got joey a pair of new jeans with the voucher :P then cut his hair.. i thought i wanted to blow my hair getting ready for work tomorrow but nahhh... sayang pulak duit... dan dan tu lah sayang duit... :P :o before that we tried to look for a pair of new swimming suit for lisa.. could not get her size.. hmmm 

next was to ampang park to pick up lisa's dresses.. and so geram coz both were not like what i ordered... gggrr.... the tailor made it too fitting when i purposely told her not to. and it took me 2 weeks to actually went there to get it.. :( and i paid for it :(( aggrrhhhh so tak puas hati... and her khatam quran is on the 31st dec 2011!! :( aduhhh.... what is she gonna wear now :(

done with that... when we got home, i fall asleep when i was supposed to perform zuhur... gosh... anyway, later went to our future condo coz N1 and my BIL were there with the contractor to do the kitchen cabinet. i was quite worried coz gotta also think of getting water heater coz the unit was basic and with the price that we are charged, segan to ask for so many things... for a start, joey & lisa were already fighting for rooms... i went speechless... ermmm... how laa..  my conclusion was, they rotate the rooms after a year... 

can i continue this some other time? suddenly i am feeling so bluegghhhh... and just wanna stop ... i don't know... hormone imbalance? time of the month kut :( and i have been eating like a pig!! and i am serious! :o

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