Monday, November 28, 2011

hypnotized by breaking dawn

i was introduced by lisa to watch this movie series about 2 years ago... and so, when the hu ha came on the breaking dawn part 1 series, somehow, i was called to watch... last weekend when i was thinking what else to do on a 3 days holidays... being not a cinema/movie person, i was so lazy to even go out to buy or queue for the tickets. i was told that most of the time, tickets were sold out.. hmmmm.. i was even browsing the gold class at pavi website.. but was still blur on getting the tickets.. so anyway, that sunday night when we were out for dinner at my parents' house, i asked kaiser if we can stopped by at WWM to get the tickets.. and yey!! breaking dawn on monday afternoon :)

beautiful wedding :) loved it!

how come he looked so muscular in this pic? :p
these are among the scenes that i love :)
  • loved the garden/forest wedding concept. bella looked so beautiful yet simple in the wedding dress... 
  • i can feel the love when edward talks to bella... he speaks through his eyes...
  • edward being so understanding when jacob came to the wedding - something very rare & unusual that we'll find in any relationship nowadays..
  • edward always being there for bella when jacob started to be upset.
  • the honeymoon was so romantic, the island, the house... the sea scene... 
  • when edward felt their baby in bella... on the couch... 
  • edward's love for bella
  • friendship between edward, jacob & bella
  • how jacob cares about the cullens

i think i am buying all the series and do a movie marathon :D aaahhh... just love them...