Thursday, October 13, 2011

and she missed it...

today is the 1st day for lisa going home on the school bus. so in the morning before she get out of the car, i reminded her to be with ally, her friend... and somehow, since it is the first day, i would expect something like this might happen :P heheheh :D she called me just now and ask..

"ma, what time did you say the school bus will arrive?"
*my eyes were already looking at my lappy's clock - 3.53pm when i replied* "girl, should be 3.45pm... and you missed it?"
"errmm..yeah... bas nya tak de pun.."
"laa.. bas nya tunggu depan sekolah.. where's ally?"
"i was looking for her the whole day - but could not find her.. hmm tak per la, lisa tunggu the stayback bus, ada kan?"
"hmm yeah.. ada, you go there and look for the bus number.. WXX 0000 okay... anything please call me back"
"okay ma"
i quickly called the bus driver... and only to know that today there is no stayback bus!! :o errkkk....and i cant call lisa coz kids are not allowed to bring the handphone to school!! immediately i called kaiser and check where he was... ermmm apa lagi.. bernanah la telinga dengar dia bebel dulu :P but luckily he can go and fetch lisa from school before he goes off for his next training. kesian kaiser, he was already on his big bike.. now he needs to go back and change to his scooter to get lisa... 

hmm gurl... just get ready for your father's nagging :D :P