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quality sunday :)

by - September 19, 2011

sunday started very well for me... prepared pancakes for joelis and myself for breakfast... then i washed some clothes... sun was out... wonderful.. had to really arrange the day so that i can make the most out of it :) sent joey for his drum class... lisa went with him, and while waiting for joey, i went to the gym... after more than 2 months not going!! i was breathless.. argghh... but needed to push myself to do it. now that i lost so much weight, i hope to really toned up my body easier :) okay... so what did i do yesterday? 

i was on the treadmill for err.r.. 15 minutes :P wasn't really running.. coz i can't run :P ok ok... ran a lil bit... say 1 or 2 minutes and walked again :P then i did some exercises for the back muscle, i chose upper body.. coz i know if i were to do lower body.. i will have problem to wear my heels the next day :P hmmm kaiser coached me for biceps, triceps and some chest exercises... goshh... i can't feel my arm after that... but i was glad that i did went to the gym :) below are some exercises that i did yesterday... sorry couldn't get other pics.. :P 

and... i cooked dinner :) at first.. i was feeling so weak after the gym session... was thinking... should not have offered to cook... but then again, when was the last time i cooked? :) so.. after fetching joelis and we had lunch at wangsa walk mall, we went to do groceries. bought dory as requested by lisa.. and some tofu and vege for the rest of us. promoting healthy food here :) by the time we got home, around 330pm, i was really flat... went upstairs and took a nap... joey was so cute, he came into my room and wrapped me up with the comforter.. hahhhaha LOL :D i looked something like the pic shown, just that i was in my cosy bed :D ngeee... 

got up around 6.15pm... took a shower... went to the kitchen and started preparing dinner :) everything steam... no oil at all! my aim was to get dinner ready by 730pm coz i know kaiser will be hungry by then.. :) i wanted to decorate the vege just like at the hotel.. or at least like one of the blogger who decorates her food well.. heh heh :D anyway... kaiser and joelis loved the dinner i prepared :) both kaiser and joey tambah nasi!! :) hmmmm... i am glad i cooked :)) 
err... sorry can't do much with the dory :P
this one i loike.. :) 

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