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happy fathers' day ayah :)

by - June 18, 2011

mohamed kalam abd salam & sunarni ginen
heheheh :D ada macam aziz sattar tak? :P
my dad is mohamed kalam abdul salam.. and he was very fierce. [i wrote was because he is not fierce anymore :P]  in fact both of my parents are very strict. my dad was also a hot tempered person. i remembered when i was still in school, every time before exam, my dad will start revising with us, my elder sister, N1 and i :) and i hated the times for science and maths coz that was his specialty. some of the things that i still remembered until now was when he asked, "what is the meaning of larut" in science and all my answers were wrong to him... he would ask about sifir which i hated too! :P

my dad travels but not so much.. every school holidays, he never fails to bring the family for a vacation. and my fav destination was port dickson :) and that is why until now the tradition is still on :) my dad loves fishing. he will go out to the sea, catch some fish and my mom will cook :) he taught all of us sisters how to swim in the sea. i would  stand on his shoulder and jump in the sea!! i love those moments.. :) and all of us will race to the shore.. 

he is a good cook too! i just love his nasi goreng kampong! i tell you... no one can challenge his nasi goreng kampong.. errmmm someone i know can cook almost like his but my dad's nasi goreng kampong is still the best! with the cili padi, anchovies etc... just nice and crispy! not forgetting his masak lemak sayur... perghhh finger licking good!!!

on weekends, he would also teach us to paint. he will get a board, some paint and we learned to draw and paint :) he does nice sketches too. and now he will do the activities with his grandchildren.

owhh not forgetting, my dad is a very talented man... he can play all kinds of musical instruments, he can dance and he can sing!! :) that explains how all of us got the talent.. *wink*

one incident that i will always remember was when my dad fell down in the drain. i think all my sisters, N1 & N3 except N4 still remember this   :( errmm it was funny also.. although sad lah... my sister and i and our neighbours were on our bicycle.. and somehow my dad wanted to chase us with another bicycle.. then when we reached the field, there was a wood bridge.. and there were lose wood panel... and my dad bicycle's tyre got stuck in it.. and he fell into the drain.. :( in his kain pelikat! kesian my dad... we wanted to laugh coz it was funny but we were also afraid that our dad will get upset or maybe he was in pain.. hehhe :D sorry dad... it was funny.. :P

happy fathers' day ayah.... there are a lot more adventurous stories and fun that i will always cherish with me. you are the best although you can be naughty :P love you a lot... *hugs* *kisses*

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