Tuesday, May 10, 2011

happy mothers' day

7th may 2011: 830am was the planned time for breakfast... but knowing being in malaysia... err... :P hahah :D anyway, joelis and i left home just after 9am.. kaiser could not come with us coz his 1st class starts at 10am. its okay lah.. and the breakfast place is quite far from home - solaris dutamas. planned by my youngest sister actually, N4. by the time we reached there, we were starving, was almost 1030am! mana tak nya pusing2 carik tah ke mana2! :P

about the place.. err nothing much to say about it... nothing special if you asked me. but if you want to have something different, not special, but different than usual mamak restaurant breakfast, you can go there. i guess i will write some review about the place later on.

anyway, we had good company with all present, except 2 menantu and 1 daughter of Kalam & Sunarni. hmmm.. the total of the bill will be presented in another post coz i dont want you to fall out of your sit. errmmm maybe to some its okay to spend that much, but as for me, for the amount of food that joelis and i have, just not worth paying, BUT then again, since it is a special occasion, no problem lah ;)

and the day continued with joelis, kelly and i proceeding to curve for shopping at the flee market after joey's music class. then... we sent kelly home.. stopped by at craven.. and by the time we got home, the party next door was still on. apa lagi... join laa.. and after almost more than 1 year, it was the first time that i met my neighbour, watie :) she's friendly and her sisters are too! :)

happy mothers' day ma... we love you so much!!