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Rampage - My Review

by - April 17, 2018

i wanted to watch the movie because of Dwayne. without even asking if joey was free, i just booked 2 tickets for the movie. and told him after i have bought the tickets. and on the way to the cinema, he asked me, "why do you wanna watch the movie ma?" my answer was simple "Dwayne" 😁 and before the movie started joey siap brief i lagi...telling me that the movie tak logic as in jalan cerita tak logic. i told him, it doesnt matter coz i just wanna watch and enjoy the movie je. 

but kejap, side track kejap.. as joey and i walked after i parked my car... i saw his car!! berderau jugak la darah kejap, kut2 terbertembung dia tengah dating ke... just that at that point of time, i was confused with my own feelings at that point of time... do i want to see him with another girl - or do i not want to see him with another girl? but on another note, if i see him with a girl, maybe lagi senang kut to brush off my feelings for him. menaruh harapan tak de dah pun sekarang. isshh tak mau cakap lah.
i enjoyed every minute of the movie tapi i have to admit, my mind was not 100% focused on the movie. i was still thinking of M2J. what if he is in the same hall with us? oh no... 

it was funny watching davis and george communicate. and its amazing that when a gorilla can understand sign language. how george helped to kill the 2 beasts. suspen jugak lah time they fight dalam airplane. kesian george tu terhempas dengan the airplane. but because of the infection he healed faster. 

and at the end of the movie, i screamed when george tercucuk dengan besi on his chest.. i was so afraid that he would die. and i cried masa last2 tu when he closed his eyes.. and davis cried too... i think i dont mind watching it again. 

the movie was good, i enjoyed every second... cuma dalam airplane tu la time george dok campak2 semua orang they looked like dummy lah. hheheehe and when the creatures monsters attacked chicago memang la macam tak logic but nama je movie kan.? layan je lah.. go and watch.. memang best!

tambah sikit.... Dwayne memang hotzz!! #allergictomamatsado

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