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by - November 10, 2017

i am thankful that whenever i can consider myself stuck in any decision, eventually the answer is there. i have always been a determine person - and as it goes with my life tagline "always get what i want" , i have always got what i want in life. it is just either i get it now or later - but not never.

i ran into the gym's owner last wednesday just before my class and he was saying about expanding his gym. somehow automatically it helped me decide. and i told him that if that is the case, might as well i operate at only 1 location which is just his gym instead of my own studio. if you are in the blur zone, i am now operating at 2 venues... my studio and my friend's gym. somehow, my studio is being underutilized. i think it is about time that i do something about it. no doubt, i love the space of my own but it is just a business decision that i have to make. last time i wonder how does it feels to have my own dance studio and in 2015 i managed to own 1. of course i love my space and it is also the place where my happiness is whenever i feel down. but, it is time to let go.

so soon, AKO Fitness will operate from X'Treme Hardcore Gym only - and the date will be announced at a later stage. and perhaps new classes schedule will be out too.

and i hope with this new changes, AKO Fitness will still get the support from all of you if not better :) insyaallah. X'Treme Hardcore Gym is just like my other home too and i would feel safe surrounded by the gym goo-ers :D :D

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