Friday, February 5, 2016

perasaan serabut

normally i would type in english, tapi today sebab serabut, i am posting in campur2.. hehehe :D my challenges in life sort of increased  started last year. to be exact right after i am back from umrah. and right now with the not so stabil state of mind, i would/might say things that i am not supposed to. but yeah.. i am tired. i do have different ways to channel my frustration in life. normally people have blogs to express their stress.. but after 2005, i told myself that i will not post anything about the sadness in my life. so how now brown cow? :p ahh what the heck...

talking about joelis' dad now.. i am just so upset because he has not been paying his kids' alimony on time.. berapa banyak dah hutang i nih... stress dowhh... and last year suka2 hati he cut kids' alimony by half just because lisa turned 18. pergghh menyirap darah ai.. dah la hutang2 anak2 tuition sampai la ni tak settle2 lagi.. agak2 la kut... so hmmm i wanna blab more.. but i have to leave now.. destress with my zumba class.