Friday, February 26, 2016

friday blab

i am gonna blab today. i had messy mind for the past few months but keeping myself busy helps me to stay 'alive' and 'sane'. hahaha :D honestly, those who are close to me will know what is going on in my life... some people who think they know me will make lots of assumptions and speculation. perrghh ala2 artis gitu bercakap...

if only i am a drama producer or director or script writer, i would have done a movie kut.. heheh :D cuma for now my movie has no ending yet.. just pray for me that it will be a beautiful ending no matter what it will be, ok.

and only God knows how much i apa word tu.. preservere? entah... bersabar la.. senang.. oh shucks... i am blogging while listening to my zumba music actually... haaa... habislah.. now i am thinking of steps pulak. err.. ermmm.. ok ok shut it off already...

last weekend was very emotional for me, maybe because nak PMS kut.. hahaha but yeahh.. it was a huge blow for me for what has happened but anyway, i know this is going to be like 'potong steam' kinda story but somehow for now i have to keep it to myself. just that i hope that every one of you will pray for my happiness. my life has been like a roller coaster. and.. if any of you think and assume that i am showing off about my life, what you see is just that i am sharing my happiness to the world... something that might stay or might just go off. so, yeah... i am happy and i wanna share. do i share my sadness? depends, maybe... after the storm is over, then i might or might not share.