Tuesday, December 29, 2015

happy things happened

story 1: i was on leave last week preparing for my short getaway trip when my gfs whatsapp me and asked if i want to watch dilwale :D not  gonna do a movie review now coz not in the mood. and plus i want to watch the movie again.. hahaha i had plan made earlier in the morning so i told my gfs to buy a tic for me and if i can make it i will join them. just about 11 am something i was already in ampang park. i parked my car there and took the lrt. somehow this 1 gentleman just caught my attention. he was wearing a very light yellow working shirt, khaki pants and carried a knapsack. nothing special just a clean cut guy. 

so yeah. i reached nu sentral, went for the movie..and about 3 hours later i took the lrt to go back to ampang park.. and guess what? i saw the same guy in the lrt. when we reached klcc station, he got down and i was looking through the window.. and guess what? he got in again through another door at the back of the lrt.. and.. he followed me until ampang park. i wasn't sure whether i want to feel excited or nervous coz it looks like in a movie. i was not scared but quite nervous about it. but as i reached ampang park, i knew i shouldn't go straight to the parking to get my car.. i quickly walk up the escalator and went to one of the boutique and i lost him... ** phew**

story 2: i was at bandung airport when i met this guy.. who started talking to me asking about his web check in issue. i think i have this customer service label on my forehead that he actually asked me hahaah :D anyway, he was kinda funny and i enjoyed the conversation that we had during that short of time. somehow the moments made me feel like i am in a movie or a dream somehow.. until.. i woke up from my dream coz i kinda showed him my passport when i went for umrah.. coz i had my hand luggage umrah bag with me.. and... he saw my age... dang... i said.. hahahaha :D so, yeah, told him i am a vampire hence i look younger than my age :D lol

** still smiling after those 2 happenings in 2 weeks ** :) :)