Friday, October 23, 2015

Zin AKO meets FaFau HOTFM

people say when sometimes you feel that things are just not going your way or how you want it to, there is always hikmah behind it. life is not always as beautiful as you want it to be... but alhamdulillah despite all the sadness that is happening around me, Allah swt has always substitute it with something else that makes me smile.. alhamdulillah. 

it all started when i wanted to go for a casting session at kelana jaya. since lisa finished her class in the afternoon, i asked her if she can come with me for casting. i fetched her at her university when i saw AGHotFM there... as usual, i will not approach celebrities because i am shy... so quietly i told myself... i will go to the restroom to change to my casting attire and if AGHotFM is still there, means i will need to say hello to him and ask to take a pic with him. 

so.. yeah... he was still there... to cut story short.. we took pictures.. exchanged IGs.. and before i knew it, i got a message from HotFM if i am okay for them to call me up to their studio! it is something that i have been dreaming of... all the what ifs are answered... alhamdulillah.. just so grateful and happy.. and yeahhh... :D :D 
we agreed on a day and it was supposed to be a secret because they wanted to surprised FaFau.. they are really fun and wonderful and funny people.. i just cannot stop smiling and grinning that my cheeks almost got cramped and got the stiff smile.. hahhha :D oh well.. just check my youtube and watch ok :D i am just so happy to share them with you :D 

and another thing that made me happy was... i was selected during the casting to shoot a zumba fitness video for a brand. can't say yet what it is at the moment.. just hoping better things to happen in future, insyaallah.. enjoy the HotFM video first okay!!