Sunday, May 4, 2014

boring sunday

goshh suddenly it has become the most boring day for the week!! i had lots of things to do.. but towards end of the day it gets so boring... maybe because we didn't get to go to Mozers!!!?? hahahah :D

so, let's just look back what did i do today? 
  • sent joey for rugby tournament at smss.
  • had a wonderful breakfast session with my girlfriends - we used to be housemates back in the early 90s in ipoh :)
  • washed my car after 3 weeks!! *sigh* finally... huh! :P hahaha
  • cooked chicken soup for my dad coz he was not well, but ended up they had early lunch, so my mom told me to bring it over for dinner instead.
  • shared nasi kukus ayam rempah with lisa for lunch.
  • grilled chicken patty and 2 eggs for kaiser's lunch.
  • preparing some details for our upcoming event in june 2014!! yey...
  • went to my parents' house to send the chicken soup & i had cekodok bilis for tea... yey yey...
  • pick up joey from the lrt station.
  • came home, cooked rice & got ayam masak kicap from my mom - barter trade :P lol.
  • had dinner...
  • and lazying... 
  • lazying...
  • and play with mischa :D
we were housemates! #PUO
what else can i do tonight?