norms after bonus & increment

this is a normal attitude for most people/employees after bonus &/ increment. they start to compare.. the funny thing is, shouldn't it be p&c at the first place? and do you really know how hard a person works or how hard do you work to receive the bonus/increment that you deserved?

for me personally, i have lower down my expectation for quite some time. I have been here too long to say anything anymore. if there is a better offer - yes - i will go but is that what i want? the answer is i don't know for sure for now. do i want to start all over? i don't think so. so, best is being able to be doing what i enjoy doing for now and for my better future with my family.

what? promotion? naahh... gave up on that too. easier way to look at it - it is rezeki masing2. do what you need to do... the rest leave it up to God.

motivation? i have my team who keeps me motivated most of the time. and of course - alhamdulillah the monthly salary i receive every month. of course given a chance or choice... i wanna be on my own :)) insyaAllah.. one fine day.

i wassapd kaiser yesterday telling him that we have not been spending enough quality time together...and his response was, we will be able to do that more in the future... hmmpphh...


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