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the blur moment

by - December 05, 2013

feeling a bit headache right now. missed putting on my retainer for 3 days and i got kinda scared that my teeth will go back to its position. so, i put it on at the office, and it has tighten. i supposed my teeth did moved? :o errrkkk... so peeps... do not forget to put on your retainer. otherwise your rm5,500 spent on braces will go to waste!

anyway, i had a good productive day today. alhamdulillah i sort of got a fitness attire sponsor - and perhaps i will wear them also during the event in January 2014. come on... have you guys bought the ticket yet?? :D buy la... come la... and support this event.

hmmm yeah i have not been telling you stories about other stuff other than zumba stuff right? reason being is, i gotta get this thing running... honestly speaking, i am definitely not one of those instructors who are outgoing and mix with lots of other zumba enthusiast. i am more of the low profile instructors. i teach because there are people out there who wishes to get a heathier life style and i would be glad to share my knowledge. i am also a shy person if you see me talk less.. hehehehe :D nahh i am not a small talk person... but yeah.. if you get to know me, i might just share a lot of stuff with you... errrmmm why is this posting has become 'getting to know me' posting? hahaha :D

i talked to my mom last night. she was worried that if after the operation she will not be able to walk up the stairs. so, the 4 of us in the whatsapp group sort of discuss and will make the bedroom downstairs comfortable enough for our mom :) so it's settled. about the tickets sale? still gotta sell more... target is to get 400 pax!! can we?? i honestly don't know, but if we can, alhamdulillah... 

can you help us?

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