Wednesday, December 11, 2013

my mom's pre surgery

ok here's the progress. i was talking to my mom yesterday and she decided to have her surgery in hukm. N1 asked our aunt, my mom's eldest sister who has gone through the surgery before. it is going to be like 3 weeks in the hospital after the surgery.. and after that she can come home. so, now, after surgery my mom will be resting at home, and her 3 sons in law will carry her upstairs. she will still need to do some physiotherapy after that.

hopefully the fund that we are raising will help to ease the expenses.. for now, it has slowed down... i am still asking for my friends' help to promote to sell more tickets. really hope sales will be picking up. 

to know more about why my mom needs to go for operation, you can read this link.  
Cartilage Damage. 
you know, by doing this fund raising thing, some may think if we cannot afford the surgery. ermmm we can, just that by having this event, it will help for the expenses... and we will do it for our mom's sake. everybody has their own responsibility to the family, right. my mom told me twice that we don't have to do this fund raising event... i told my mom, "already have the niat to do it for her" it's ok lah.. insyaAllah... sales will come more... soon!