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hapuslah dosa2 kecik

by - August 16, 2013

i am having a challenging situation since last week. susah nak cerita kat sini but have not been in a perfect health condition. so, pergerakan memang agak terhad and have been on medical leave this week. pergi jugak kerja sebenarnya but just bertahan a lil bit more than a day... petang balik awal. took some blood for test last tuesday tapi sebab cuti raya agaknya.. slow sikit lab.. went back to the same clinic but result was not back yet. doctor bagi leave lagi semalam half day and today. siap dia sound, 'you should have stayed at home' ... hmmm :) lisa sent me a message via skype... 'kesian mamanya' but i said, 'tak pe lahh... terhapus la dosa2 kecik' :) kan? *thinking positive*

apa2 pun project today is to get stuff for tomorrow's open house :) mintak maaf lah tak dapat nak invite ramai2.. kena lah ikut kemampuan ekkk :p

must get better soon... in september dah kena start berzumba balik!!

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