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siapa muhammad zaim b razak?

aku rasa dalam bab-bab macam ni, kaiser lebih berhati mulia dari aku. he is more forgiving than me. and he will just move on with his life without even think back about bad things that people has done to him. to him it is a waste of time even to think about it. as for me, it would linger in my head for quite some time. and blogging is another way of me letting off whatever that is bothering me.

this is the continuation of what happened to my husband - the accident. muhammad zaim b razak is the young chap who drove the car and hit my husband. on the day of the accident, beriyer he promised that he will pay. and buat muka kesian. i asked him a lot of questions.. from there i know that he is still in his final year. 

we are not inconsiderate people. in fact kaiser tried to make the most minimum repair that he needed so that it will not burden him. this guy called me yesterday morning.. and last night he called again. and he dared to say that i am pressing him with a high claim! that really pissed me off. and i told him - "you have not even being claimed of the medical bill! how dare you say i am pressing you? you are the one who hit my husband and it is my husband who has got to endure the pain".

and this morning i got a call from the sarjan at the police station.. apparently he went up to him and buat muka and suara kesian. so now, he is going to claim insurance only for the bike repair and not for the medical and also my husband's other kerugian ie broken spectacles etc.. 

aku malu dengan wujudnya manusia bernama zaim ni... apa yang sangat aku kesalkan ialah, 
  • dia orang melayu
  • budak tahun akhir universiti sains islam malaysia
  • beragama Islam pulak tu tapi tak mendokong ciri2 sebagai seorang Islam!
kaiser is someone yang susah nak trust orang. so bila dia sangsi dengan budak ni, aku lah yang meyakinkan kaiser. sebab aku percaya dengan dia - cara dia cakap, and as someone yang kunun study tinggi, i was quite sure that he will keep to his promise. walaupun aku rimas cara budak ni menghenyeh2. ye lah... aku ni kureng sket dengan orang yang cakap macam ala2 baik nih kan.. in the end memang semua itu lakonan semata2!! sungguh kurang h%$#@(!!!

"saya takut ayah saya marah kak...saya tak nak ayah saya tahu!" was his plead when i asked whose car he was driving and to claim with insurance and wanted to make a police report. can you imagine if i really listened to him and did not make a police report?? he even tried to persuade me NOT to make a police report.
but this morning... everything changed... bila aku call dia.. dengan suara sombongnya dia cakap, 'saya tak akan bayar satu sen pun akak' wahhh... sungguh bagus jawapan itu.

masa aku cakap nak hantar kaiser pergi jumpa doctor sebab muka dia dah berdarah and lepas tu nak buat report polis, dia kata takut tak sempat sebab ada interview pukul 2pm. so aku ckp "tak apalah, go for your interview first, you can do the report later". then after awhile rupanya bukan dia yang interview, 'kawan dia' yang interview and dia kena hantar! cakap punya la putar belit.

ini lah generasi zaman sekarang yang kununya belajar tinggi2 untuk apa ya? lupa dengan janji pada sesama manusia. and for sure, aku akan menyebarkan bahawasanya dia ada seorang yang mungkir janji dan TIDAK BOLEH dipercayai... di mana2 jua. so korang berhati2lah denga budak bernama seperti di atas... muka memang tak boleh blahh.. mcm muka budak skema... tapi licik!!!
dan ini adalah cara aku untuk membalas apa yang dia telah lakukan... sebab dia kata tak mau claim insurance pada mulanya, kaiser pun buat apa yang major aja padahal kerosakan pada motor dia is more that what is asked. itu pun berani budak tu kata "aku menekan dia???"
so since now dia kata nak claim insurance, baik repair motor tu lebih detail. 

hari ni memang aku tak de mood nak buat apa2. nak makan pun malas... and bila aku text kaiser... dia kata,
aku senang berkawan dan berbaik dengan orang... tapi sekali ko break kepercayaan aku, hidup ko takkan tenang dengan rasa bersalah ko sendiri because i will make you remember. jangan la sesekali buat jahat dengan aku.


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