Friday, July 26, 2013

my first bazaar ramadhan visit

this year kaiser's time always clashes with mine. normally if i want to go to bazaar ramadhan, i will go on the scooter - easier to park. but since kaiser is always at work the time that i want to go, i have not been to any yet, until yesterday.

the traffic was really terrible. it took me 2 hours to get home! i was so tired, sleepy and bored... lisa was browsing youtube to look for funny videos for us to watch.. and that entertained us for awhile. 

hehehe this is really funny.. and we found a few more... we just laughed till we both can't breathe... hahha lol :D 

so anyway... before we reach home, we stopped at bazaar ramadhan in taman setiawangsa.. there were not many people. not like before.. lisa bought roti john that she has been wanting to eat since last week. i don't have anything in mind until i saw sate. :) the usual sate seller that i used to buy often.

the food that we bought doesn't taste that good... infact the sate was dry and hard.. :( disappointing but.. that was our rezeki.