Monday, March 18, 2013

al-amar lebanese cuisine - my personal review

N1 wassaped (is that even a word? ermmm you guys know what that means right? :p) me last week to confirm on where we can have a makan2 session to celebrate our mom's birthday and also my parents' anniversary. with everyone's 'okay' we decided to have a buffet lunch at al-amar, pavillion. i like the food there :) and the owner is kaiser's client. so.. and since kaiser's last class ended at 1pm, he can join us too. 

i was there have been the twice with joelis & kaiser, and the last time was just with kaiser when we had late dinner...supper almost. and we had ala carte. it the price was quite on the high side, if you ask me :) but the food was yummy. our visit this time was with the whole of Kalam's Clan! and it was buffet. and let me point this out... i have never eaten that much for a buffet function!! and i loved the salmon pastry... i had like 6 pieces of that!! and i had 2 servings of salmon + mashed potato. omg, i was bloated...

  • date of visit: 17th March 2013 
  • location:  Level 6, Pavillion Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • place: nice and clean.
  • decor: exclusive looking, lebanese style i supposed, just that the chairs are heavy :p hehehe. they did very well in making the buffet line outside of the restaurant. it attracts people who passed by the restaurant. well done!
  • cleanliness: clean :) 
  • service: good and acceptable...the chef, i think, went around with a smiling and friendly face. 
  • price: a total bill for about rm1,200+- for a buffet lunch for 13 adults and 2 kids? and we will definitely come back!
  • food: too many options... :D :D you just gotta go and experience it yourself.
will i recommend the place..yes and yes and yes :)