i don't know what to call this posting... that is how bad it is right now.. as usual, i want to write about something else but somehow... for some reason, i know i am doing something wrong.. at least i am attracting the wrong aura.. argghhh... just so wrong... i am not hating whatever that is happening around me. i am trying to just let it go by... i don't want to think about it. but i guess it just burst yesterday. lots of wrong things happening... and i wanted to release by going to the gym... i had fun by the way... although they changed the class.. i waited for an extra half hour. but hey.. i get to do hip hop.. hahaha :D enjoyed it... oh .. i sent my car to the workshop earlier.. and the mechanic was supposed to send my baby back to my office.. but guess what?? i got 3 missed calls from him while i was in my class.. he told me my car was not ready! and ... i cried??! omg... i cried over that?? hhuummmpphh.. no.. i think there is too much in my head that i could not take it anymore... aahh... just hated it... demmm... got to do something about it... end it?? or ... i must end it... 


~ istighfar is the best way kak..! :-)
Makbed Journal said…
chill akak. tak santek akak sedih.
err.. pms kah?
Ein said…
thanks... orochi.. makbed...:

tak.. bukan pms :) alaaa.. just one of the days la ni..

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