breaking dawn - part II

lisa: ma, during PMR, 2 weeks is so fast... but now, to wait for this, it feels soooooo long!
me: hehehe :D macam orang bercinta lah kan... 
lisa: hehehe :D

we both are hooked on this... i guess we both can watch the earlier series over and over again till kaiser gets bored...ermm like we care?? :p lisa is in love with edward again... and whoever that she has a crush on now does not matter anymore... it is just edward... :)

showing on 22nd november 2012


~ :( sobb..soobb..sedey sgt..sbb premier yg ni tak dpt nk gi..sbb tadek kawan..kalo premier yg sebelum² tuh bes jeks dpt tgk..sbb kita dpt tgk dulu sblm kuar tuk public..!! hampanyer perasaan..!! sob..sobb..sob..sedey lagik..

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