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morning walk at ampang tasik

by - October 20, 2012

waahh so full of activities... best kan? ... got up early for a weekend.. why? because we have a date with 2 other mommies and 2 other girls at the park.. and joey needs to run to prepare for his 4 x 100 on monday! so, yeah... we were there... i did not run or jog... but just walk :p and cuci mata... taught one of the mommies some basic exercises. ok lah.. 
done with that, lisa and i had our dentist appointment and i did some extra thingy for my teeth. man... what did we have for lunch eh?? ahhhh i made pasta + mushroom soup as requested by lisa. and later i went to send my car for service. kaiser picked me up from the service center and we proceed to FIT in damansara for me to register for my class... i think i am getting much better ... i need to be in better health and good stamina for the class that i want to register... guess what... when we were there, the gym was closed... so, we went to NZ curry house and have late lunch :p before kaiser need to leave for his next class. picked up my car later...and hmm what did i prepare for dinner?? goshh... what is wrong with my memory??? :o
joey yang maintain after running :)

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