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dead tired

by - September 05, 2012

owhh for a while i thought yesterday was monday :p sorry... :p anyway, as usual, tues and weds are 2 busy days in a week because i need to rush home to settle joey's tuition classes. alhamdulillah lisa's tuition has shifted to thursday, otherwise, more hectic for me to run here and there. 

i left the office early, say 535pm because normally i can be at BA around 615pm latest. but it rained yesterday... i arrived at BA at 650pm. the plan was to send joey for a haircut. but suddenly he said, he has not prayed asar... hmmm sabor je lah... so we went home. when i was stuck in the traffic, i called kaiser just in case he was in wangsa maju area, so that he can pick up joey. (he was at that time i called) but since he did not pick up the phone, i proceed to BA anyway. 

i reached keramat around 7.05pm. went upstairs, checked on lisa who was unwell and stayed home. kaiser called me back but i wasn't with my phone. i just text-ed him back that, i'll just see him at home.. 
bad news is... i ate a lot again last night... 3 times okay i added my rice.. what is wrong with me??? at the same time, i felt my tummy was bloated. got home just around 900pm... went to my bed.. and sunk! :D heheheh :D seriously... i can just sleep... lisa was blabbering beside me... i was half asleep... kesian lisa :p hehehe :D joey came in... and because earlier he said he wanted to finish his homework, i shooed him out of my room.. hahaha :D 

i ended up snoozed for a while.. i think about 10 minutes... then i heard lisa was washing something at the kitchen.. that woke me up.. then, i got up, showered... tried to sleep again but failed..just before kaiser came home.. that's it la.. obviously i cannot sleep again after that.. hmmm... but yeahh i was dead tired.. exhausted... must be going through the traffic

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