Monday, September 3, 2012

Cobaan Allah itu, hanya Allah yang mengetahui (Part II)

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:) so, i waited for him at the porch while chatting with my mom and cousins. it didn't take long for him to arrive at my parents' house :) once i entered his car, he asked me where we can go... la... dah kensel ke nak pi PJ? :p hehehe :D dia pun mati kutu... (mati akal :P) and suddenly he remembered the showhouse that we wanted to view 2 weeks ago but it was closed. viewing houses is one of our favorite things to do together :) i will do a separate posting on that. 

as usual, after viewing, we'll start to talk about it lah kan.. our plan.. his plan for us.. to get us a house.. which to him it does not matter landed or not. damaisari is beautiful... memang chun lah... but 7 bedrooms babe... perghh luxury gila. 1 room siap buat gym, 1 room for karaoke.. memang my style lah... decor pun best... tapi where to cekau rm4.6M??? kalau aku kentut kuar RM, best la gak kan... hahaha :D

so anyway, one of the conversation that we had, kaiser mentioned of buying a property in thailand...WTH? his idea came up because it is cheaper there... memang la. but i do not agree totally.. i told him, apa2 pun i want to die here in malaysia, at least i have people to bury me when i am dead. and as usual, this will be topic hangat between both of us. kaiser said, once you are dead, you are dead la.. so, aku geram la jugak... "right, if you can roll yourself in the grave hole, you can talk about it lah... you still need people to do that for you!" hmmm ... payah aku nak bercakap pasal issue nih... so, that is when i thought... why does God give me these challenge (by being with kaiser) ... and i am sure He has plans for me as for why... just that as insan biasa, we will not understand (for now). another question, if He has already open up his heart to embrace Islam, i believe He can do more to his heart... just that, sampai bila? *sigh* sampai bila aku harus tunggu and berdoa? 
hmmm agak2 boleh mayat ni jalan sendiri masuk kubur? 
and this was the topic that Lisa and i talked about as i drove my car to Lisa's school in the morning. Lisa understands how i feel.. we both agree that Kaiser is a good man and he provides as a husband and step father... but i am still feeling incomplete. and we were talking about penghuni neraka and syurga... my thoughts were... agaknya.. (i am not in the position to say who is going to be penghuni neraka/syurga) but ... there are people yang Allah memang tak buka kan pintu hati kut? supaya mereka ini lah bakal penghuni...?? ishh... to even think of that, scares me... 

but anyway, to end this posting, tak ada lah Kaiser and myself berbalah lepas tu... just that some things, we tend to disagree :p 


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ doa bebanyak kak..insyaAllah akan diperkenankan..

Ein said...

insyaallah :) i will - always.. doa kan sama ya..