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Cobaan Allah itu, hanya Allah yang mengetahui

i had my moments with kaiser yesterday. melayan suami... nanti merajuk :) siapa kata laki omputih tak merajuk? sama jer... cuma samada mengaku tak mengaku jer.. 

so anyway, kisah semalam. my dad made some sort of his open house for his ex-students.. can you imagine... my dad is already 73 years old.. so yang datang yesterday, i would guess aged 50s? well, i am already 40... they looked older... heh heh :D before you proceed reading, i will be writing this posting mixed bahasa & english. so that i can write what i think? :p 

so, first i was in charge of one of the main dish. somehow, the makcik was still on hari raya holiday. dia tak bukak gerai. so, puas lah fikir, what would be the easiest dish to cook. i thought of macaroni. when i told my dad, he was worried if i cannot do it since i have not been feeling well lately. he said, "banyak nak masak nanti, ko tu sihat ke?" hmm how sweet my dad. so, seperti biasa, mom to the rescue. she heard our discussion, sambil senyum, "kalau nak kena bagitahu cepat so that mala can cook nasi dagang". mala is my mom's assistant cook at her cafe. so, bila cuti panjang, she will be at my parents' house... sometimes :) so, problem solved. alhamdulillah. i can focus on sending joey for his intensive bahasa class and also music class. 

by 3pm seperti yang telah dijanjikan, berduyun lah tetamu yang datang... wahh.. bukan sahaja ex-students, my cousins pun segerombolan datang... memang kalau aku masak, alamat tak cukup lah jawabnya... hehehe :D aku pun menjalankan tugas serba sedikit... jadi waitress, bawak pinggan2 kotor ke dapur, tambah air minuman kalau tak cukup, kejap2 snap gambar sini sana, walaupun canon aku tengah tak sihat :(. lepas tu tiba2 kaiser call. he was at home, and asked me where i am. i told him lah i am at my parents' house. he was thinking of asking me to accompany him jalan2 pergi PJ. as usual, he likes to see cars and big bikes... usually we'll go to harley. hmmm macamana laa... so i told him to come over first, say hello to our relatives, makan sikit if he wants, and talk about it later when he gets to my parents' house. 

i thought he would not want to come. surprisingly, he came :) dia pun jumpa la sedara mara.. i showed him what is served so that dia boleh makan apa yang dia boleh makan. ye lah... kaghang rosak diet dia, aku gak kena... hehehe :D as usual, dia akan pilih nasi impit & masak lodeh. :D kaiser stayed for a few minutes.. adalah half hour or more kut, then dia dah ngantuk. ye lah... tetamu samada cakap melayu atau cakap jawa.. :p mati kutu lah dia... dah tu, bila ada tetamu nampak mat salleh sikit, start lah gayat. jadi pendiam. so, dia pun minta diri kat my parents. hajat di hati nak gi PJ gagal, sebab bini dia busy... 

my mom asked where he's going.. so bila dia dah keluar tu, my mom cakap, "pergi lah temankan dia, kesian dia" ye lah, dah dari minggu lepas dia ajak. aku pulak sibuk dengan open house tak habis2. hmmm aku jadik serba salah. nasib baik tak lama lepas tu, acara amik gambar beramai2 dah start... aku pun snap gambar2 utama... and called kaiser... dia dah sampai highway nak ke arah bukit antarabangsa - nak makan?! hehehe :D so bila aku call, dia pun patah balik.. ambik aku, so aku temankan dia.. 

errr... korang perasan tak sebenarnya, aku dah lari topik?? hahahahaha :D 

nantikan bahagian II ye.... :p 
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irasilver said…
Hehhe.. part 'aku' tu yg tak tahan! lawak k...!
seorang blogger salu nye memang akan lari dr topik asal..topik yg x berkenaan yg akan byk kita tulis dr topik sebenar..akak nih..mcm x biasa plaks..
Ein said…
hehe :D ira, yg lawak, i ckp 'aku' ke? :p

orochi...i will try my best not to larik topic.. tapi apa kan daya.. kali ni mmg terbabassss :p ahakss..

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