Monday, August 6, 2012

our karipap day

heh heh... what a title... today is a boring day... maybe after meeting up with a friend last saturday that made me feel, i don't really want to leave this company for another job at another company. why should i add up headaches to the existing ones? if i wanna leave, i'd rather do something that i will really enjoy - and that is the question now. i used to enjoy doing what i am doing now. but honestly, this place is DEAD! there is no 'jiwa' in it anymore. solely business... hence, no passion in it. i am still here because i need to feed my JoeLis. can i still work here? of course.. :) *smirk*

back to the topic. i had iftar with my usual BBGS clan yesterday. it was potluck and i was supposed to bring karipap and murtabak. i had extra minced meat after making roti john on saturday. i bought potatoes, and cooked more minced meat to be the karipap's filling. lisa helped me to slice the potatoes and later with the dough. joey came in running into the kitchen when we just about to roll the dough..."ma, can i help?" with a grin on his face, as usual... hheheh :D my victim has offered... "yes, darling. can you please help me to go to the shop and buy a bag of flour?" "errkkk..." joey was trapped... since he did asked! hahaha... with less then 10 minutes, he was back with a bag of flour. :) and continued to the office playing his game on the internet, while lisa and i have our mother-daughter moment, doing the karipap.

when i brought them to my gf's house... it cleared fast enough... but sorry it was a bit dry & hard... pssst... i forgot to add salt in the dough :p hehhehe :D 

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orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ sedap nyer kak..bila nk buat tuk nor plaks..? inti masak ngan lada itam sedap tau kak..ehehehe

Ein said...

hahaha mmg akak letak black pepper pun :D bila nak buat lagi? hmmmm camne ehh?

orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ alaaaa buat la lgi..buat la..buat pepper nih fev family kitorg..arwah mak suka la buat..