my birthday celebration - finally

taraaa! don't get tired yet... :p now i am gonna tell you about my birthday celebration at my parents' house yesterday. and always the best! there will be plenty of food... as suggested by N1... everyone potluck except me :D yey... and there are extra... lamb gulash.. (sorry no picture), nasi goreng kampong (that kaiser ate until 2 plates!!) curry puff, jelly, roasted chicken, potato salad, fruits salad ala phillipines (it was nice just that too sweet)... and i got a multi purpose cooker from my mom..!! love it :D thanks ma... muuaahhh... we had break fast, maghrib prayer, then continue to cut my frogster birthday cake.. and owh, i received 2 cards from my nieces... lots of frogs on it... hahaha :D luckily they did not give me real frogs. 
tengok laki aku buat muka mengada... menyampah betul!

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~ sedap nyer tengok ayam tuh!!! ahahaha..akak puasa la..ahahaha
Ein said…
sedap kut... akak pun tak rasa sebab banyak sgt makanan... hehehe :D hari ni makan best lagi... :p
~ waahh..ari ari makan bes..! ishh..tetibe lapau plaks..ahahaha
happy belated besday..
Ein said…
thank you fie :)

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