have you heard of 'Ceragem'?

i am not so sure how it is pronounced. anyway, if you want to know in details, you can always google it... or check out their website at http://www.ceragem.net.my  you can read about the machine, how to use it and the benefits. as for me, i am not sure if it benefits me, yet, coz i just tried it once and for only 20 minutes. the centre that i tried was in setapak. somehow, it helped my mom to feel much better from her leg problem, so i guess it does work? but of course, treatments like this, you will need to come back a few times... my question is that, the person who runs this business charges so cheap... how can he gets his return back? i mean, it is so slow... and not talking about rental & utilities yet... this is just the machine cost. hmmm... he should charge higher price, i think... :) 

my mom brings her own blanket... heheheh :D she doesn't want to share... :p 
that was me, my mom & my younger bro-in-law
(who introduced ceragem to us).
lisa and zharee waiting :) 
this is how the bed looks like...
do check out their website to know details.

note: agak2 tak de ke sesiapa nak suruh aku buat review pasal product/service dema? kira sponsored postings gitu...ehehehe :D 


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