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can't sleep

by - June 16, 2012

i was asleep... urmm.. have fallen asleep but needed to get up again to shower :p hehehe :D kaiser was telling me that there was no water from the kitchen pipe... o'uh... and i have like 2 full laundry baskets to wash! :o transported my weekend maid from my mom's place.. before she arrives, i prepared her.. that her bed is full with unfolded clothes! hehehe :D just so that she knows what to expect :p anyway, i have arranged for an extra maid to assist tomorrow... see! where can you get an employer like this? tell me... hahaah :D i wasn't home last weekend so could not take the maid home... and kaiser was also away... hence the loads of unfolded clothes :) that is why i took an extra maid to clean up... spring cleaning the whole house! and wipe the windows and sliding doors and all... really hope she is good. my previous phillipino maid said that this lady worked for me before. let's just see tomorrow... 

so, what am i going to do now? facebook? hhmmm getting bored with it... especially with the new timeline thingy... really hate it! am i blabbering? yes i am... ok.. now getting lite headed... and hungry! hmmm... maybe i should go to sleep? 

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