Wednesday, May 16, 2012

yey! let's partehhh!

hehehehehe :D and i am still smiling to my ears... i was just trying my luck writing... and my write up got their attention... yey yey yey!! hhehe yes, i am so excited... so i called kaiser and ask if he is free next week... looks like my dancing class will have to be changed to other day..coz i am going to a partehhhh... :D thank you nuffnang! why am i excited? because, i wanna meet up with other bloggers tegar! and i want to learn on how they make money by blogging... :) :) i want to retire before i turn 50 okehh!! so, grabbing all the opportunities now :) :) heheheh :D still smiling... so... gardens here we come!! it is a date! 23rd may 2012 - 630pm gardens.

so, my entry was among the best 100 entries? yeyyy!

i guess only another blogger would understand how i feel right now? :D:D:D