Monday, May 28, 2012

how to change layout of your blog tabs

:) i am so happy today... as usual i will be playing around with my blog... wait.. don't get me wrong... work comes first okay *smirk* LOL :D this is to increase creativity :P hahahhaa.. anyway, i am trying to merge my photography blog into my personal blog, which so far has succeeded but somehow, knowing me, at times too much info to put in... and somehow the space was limited. i put all those into 'pages' in blogspot's template/layout. and when i had more than 4 pages, i needed to sacrifice 1 page before :( so, somehow, this morning i was more relaxed and found out that i can reduce the text size! doink... hahaha LOL... so now i am so happy that i can get all the pages up there! until i gatal if i want to add more pages :p

my 1st try was to make my blog wider.... 
but this is better option... change the font size :) with the original blog width